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fering of a World, in his glorious fatisfa&ion. We see what that is, which juftifies sinners, and makes them stand before the Holy God. In his excellent example, we see how justified ones, which are mystical parts and pieces of him, ought to walk and tread in his steps. These things are the subjed matter of the ensuing Dir. course; may all, who are called Christians, ftudy Jesus Christ. The little age, the Reason of Man, is much cried up in this Age ; may we much more adore the Infinite Word and Wisdom of God. The temper of St. Bernard may be recommended to all, Si scribas, non sapit mibi, nisi legero ibi fefum; si disputes ant conferas, non sapit mihi, nisi sonuerit ibi Jefus : The devout Father could not relish any thing but Jesus Christ; may our hearts ever burn and be inflamed with love to him, in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledg; may we desire none but Christ : Non aliud præter illum, non aliud tanquam illum, non aliud poft illum ; Nothing besides him, nothing like him, nothing after him. This is the scope of my Book ; if it profit or do good to any, it is enough, and as much as is defired by him, who is ముక్కముక్కలు ముమతులకు రుతుకు ముతకుత కులుకు

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Holiness the glory of the Deity, p. 26. By it God acts

like himself, and doth all for his own glory, p. 27. It

imports an hatred of sin, and love of holiness in man,

p. 27, 28. In all these respects it was manifest in

Christ, p. 28, 29, &c. It was not indecent for God

to come in the flesh and dye, p. 29, 30. The glory of

God breaks forth therein, p. 31, 32. His hatred of

fin, and design to extirpate it, p. 33, 34, 35. His love

'to holiness, in doing so much to recover it, and links

ing it with salvation, p. 35, 36, 37, 38. We should

be followers of God therein, p. 38, 39, &c.


Gods. Punitive Justice asserted from Scripture and Na-

ture, p. 42, 43, 44. It was necessary that there should

be a Satisfaction for fin, p. 45. Re&toral Justice re-

quired it, p. 46, to 48. Unless Christs sufferings

were fatisfactory, no good account can be given of

them, p. 49, 50. It's not enough to say, That he

was an Example of Patience, p. 50. That he confirm-

ed the Covenant, p.51. That Gods immenfé' love

was manifested therein, or that his Refurrection assu- .

red ours, ibid. 52, 53. Gods Justice appears, in that ..

He, though of infinite Mercy, inflicted those sufferings

on Christ, p. 54; 55. In that Christ, the Patient,

mas Man, the Son of God, an holy innocent One,

p. 55, to 58. In that the sufferings of Christ were

proportionable to the finning-powers in man,

p. 59. To the Law, p: 60, 61. To the fin and suffer-

ings af a World , p.61, 62, 63. The fruits of his

- Sufferings as to Himself, and as to us, p. 64,65. The

dreadfulness of fin in respect of the sufferings of


97, &c.

CHA din christ, P. 991, 102. In

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