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1. AMAXOSA. 105 D'Urban, ( Fingo Mission,) William J. Davis. 106 Newton-Dale, ( Rama's Tribe,) Under the superintendence of the Missionary

at D'Urban. 107 Beka, (Pato's Tribe,) William C. Holden. 108 Wesleyville, (Pato's Tribe, ) Under the superintendence of the Missionary at

Beka. 109 Gwanga, (Umkye's Tribe,) Under the superintendence of the Missionary at

D'Urban. 110 Mount-Coke, ('Slambi's Tribe,) William Impey. 111 Tamakha, (Dushani's Tribe,) Under the superintendence of the Missionary at

Mount-Coke. 112 Butterworth, (Hintza's Tribe, ) Horatio Pearse. 113 Beecham-Wood, ( Amavelelo-Tribe,) J. Stewart Thomas.

2. ABATEMBU. 114 Imvani, ( Amahala,) Joseph C. Warner, Assistant Missionary. 115 Clarkebury, Francis Gladwin. 116 Morley, Thomas Jenkins.

3. AMAMPONDO. 117 Buntingville, (Faku's Tribe,) Samuel Palmer. 118 Shawbury, (Amabaka,) William H. Garner.

4. AMAZULU. 119 Port-Natal,

James Archbell.

N.B. On all the stations in Kaffraria, the brethren shall change on

the Sabbath-day, each with the nearest to him, once at least in every quarter of the year.

III. BECHUANA DISTRICT.-James Cameron, Chairman. 120 Thaba-Unchu, ( Baralongs and Basutos,)

James Cameron; Francis Taylor, 121 Ratabani, ( Korannas,)

Supernumerary. 122 Mirametsu, ( Korannas,) 123 Plaatberg, ( Newlanders and Basutos,) Richard Giddy. 124 Lishuani, (Griquas and Basutos,) James Allison, Assistant Missionary. 125 Umpukani, (Mantatees,, George Bingham. 126 Imparani, (Mantalees, ) 127 Sevumelo, (Mantatees,) Jeremiah Hartley, Assistant Missionary. 128 Moteng, (Mantatees, ) 129 Colesberg, John W. Appleyard. 130 Kamastone, near Buffalo's Vleij, William Shepstone.

N.B. On all the stations in the District, the brethren shall change

on the Sabbath-day, each with the nearest to him, once at least in every quarter of the year.


I. SIERRA LEONE. Thomas Dove, General Superintendent of the Wesleyan

Missions at Sierra-Leone. 131 Free-Town, &c., Thomas Dove, Henry Badger, Thomas Raston ; Joseph

Wright, Native Assistant Missionary. 132 Hastings, Wellington, fc., Charles Knight, Native Assistant Missionary. 133 York, &c., Richard Amos. II. THE GAI BIA.-Henry Badger is appointed as Visiter to the Gambia

Stations. 134 St. Mary's, Matthew Godman ; John Cupidon, Assistant Missionary. 135 Barra-Point, John Gum, Assistant Missionary. 136 Ngabantang, Pierre Sallah, Assistant Missionary. 137 M'Carthy's Island, George Parsonson.


GUINEA.Thomas B. Freeman, General Superintendent of the Wesleyan

Missions in Guinea. 138 Cape-Coast Town, Commenda, Dir-Cove, fc., Thomas B. Freeman, John

Martin. 139 Anamabu, Salt-Pond,

Robert Brooking, William Allen, 3d. 141 British Akrah, Winnebah, 8c., Timothy T. Greaves, 142 ASHANTI, George Chapman. 143 Badagry, (Slave-Coast,) William De Graft, Native Assistant Missionary. 144 Abókuta, (Yariba,) Samuel Annear.

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WEST INDIES. 1. ANTIGUA DISTRICT.-James Cox, Chairman. 145 Antigua, Jesse Pilcher, Benjamin Tregaskis, George Horne ; Joshua

Jordan, Assistant Missionary. 146 Dominica, James Cox, John Horsford. 147 Montserrat, William T. Waymouth. Another wanted. 148 Nevis,

John Mortier, Hilton Cheesborough, Lancelot Railton. 149 St. Christopher's, John Parkes, James Horne, Robert Inglis, Thomas Pear.

son, 3d, George Blanchflower. 150 St. Eustatius and St. Bartholomew's, William R. Rogers. 151 St. Martin's and Anguilla, William Satchell; John Hodge, Supernumerary. 152 Tortola, Robert Hawkins, Thomas Smith, Samuel Smyth. II. ST. VINCENT'S AND DEMERARA DISTRICT.-John Cullingford,

Chairman, 153 St. Vincent's, Kingstown, William Bannister, James Bickford, Samuel Durrie,

William Heath. 154 St. Vincent's, Biabou, William Moister, William Ritchie, William Limmes,

Henry Wharton. 155 Grenada, George Ranyell, William Cleaver. 156 Trinidad, John Cullingford, James Banfield, Josias F. Browne. 157 Tobago, Henry Hurd, William English. 158 Demerara, George-Town, William Hudson, William L. Binks. 159 Demerara, Arabian Coast, Henry Padgham. 160 Demerara, Mahaica, Joseph Biggs. 161 Barbadoes, William Fidler, Edward Branston, Francis Whitehead. IJI. JAMAICA DISTRICT.-Jonathan Edmondson, Chairman of the District,

and General Superintendent of the Missions and Schools in Jamaica. 162 Kingston,

Jonathan Edmondson, Richard Hornabrook, Henry Bleby,

George Millsom, Martin Young, 163 Montego-Bay and Mount-Ward, James Walton, Alexander Mansie, Timothy

W. P. Taylder. 164 Spanish-Town, Henry B. Britten, Edwin Blake. 165 Morant-Bay and Yallahs, William Hodgson, John Mearns. 166 Grateful-Hill and Sloney-Hill, James Rowden, Thomas Burrows. 167 Falmouth,

Edward Fraser. 168 St. Ann's Bay and Beechamville, Timothy Curtis, William Moss; Alexander

Foote, Assistant Missionary. 169 Bath and Port-Morant, James Atkins, John Williams; Herbert Carter,

Assistant Missionary. 170 Port-Antonio and Manchioneal, Richard Davis, Edward S. Thompson. 171 Lucea,

William H. Hann. 172 Guy's-Hill and Oracabessa, William G. Stedman. 173 Black-River, William Sinclair. 174 Clarendon, John G. Manley, Edmund Lockyer.

175 Savannah-la-Mar, William West. 176 Ocho Rios and Watsonville, George Savery, Robert A. Johnson. 177 Duncan's, and Brown's-Town, David Kerr, Henry B. Foster. 178 Grand-Cayman, John Green. 179 Mount-Fletcher, Richard Harding. 180 Belize and Charibb-Town, (Honduras-Bay,) James Edney, William Wil

son, 2d.

IV. BAHAMA DISTRICT.-John Corlett, Chairman, 181 New-Providence, John Corlett, Thomas Pearson, 2d; William Dowson,

Supernumerary. 182 Eleuthera, John Blackwall. 183 Harbour-Island, James Eacott. 184 Abaco,

Thomas Lofthouse. 185 Turk's-Island, Samuel Simons. . 186 Bermuda, William E. Shenstone. Another wanted.

V. HAYTI DISTRICT.-Mark B. Bird, Chairman. 187 Port-Republicain, Mark B. Bird. 188 Port-au-Plaat, James F. Hartwell. 189 Samana,

William Towler. 190 Jérémie,

St. Denis Bauduy. 191 Gonäives,

William T. Cardy.


Ephraim Evans ; James Booth, Supernumerary. 193 Toronto, William Squire, John P. Hetherington. 194 Hamilton, John Douse. 195 London and Blanshard, Henry Lanton. One wanted. E. Stoney, Supernu

merary. 196 Guelph, Henry Byers. 197 Goderich, One wanted. 198 Amherstburg, John S. Marsden. 199 Barrie,

Edward Sallows. One wanted. 200 Warwick and Adelaide, One wanted. 201 Brantford and Grand-River, Thomas Fawcett. 202 Woodstock, One wanted. 203 Belleville,

John B. Selley. 204 Brock,

One wanted. 205 Peterborough and Rice-Lake, William Steer. 206 Whitchurch, One wanted. 207 Chinguacousy, One wanted. 208 Whitby,

One wanted. 209 Bytown,

John C. Davidson.

INDIAN MISSIONS. 210 Alderville, William Case. 211 Rice-Lake, William Steer, John Sunday, who is to visit the Indians at

Peterborough, under the direction of the Chairman. 212 St. Clair, William Scott. 213 Grand-River, To be supplied. 214 Wyandott Indian Reserve, One wanted.

II. CANADA: EASTERN DISTRICT.-William M. Harvard, Chairman. 215 Montreal, Matthew Richey, A.M., Edmund Botterell, Charles Churchill ;

Robert L. Lusher, Supernumerary. 216 Quebec, John B. Brownell, John Borland. 217 Three-Rivers, One wanted. 218 Wesleyville, Rufus A, Flanders.

219 St. John's and Chambly, Robert Cooney.
220 Russelton, Thomas Campbell, Malcolm M‘Donald.
221 Odell-Town, John Tomkins.
222 St. Armand, William M. Harvard.
223 Clarenceville, Hugh Montgomery.
224 Dunham,

Matthew Lang. 225 Shefford, Benjamin Slight. 226 Stanstead,

James Brock. 227 Compton and Hatley, Edmund S. Ingalls. 228 Melbourne, John Raine. 229 New-Ireland, One wanted. 230 Bury and Lingwick, One is requested.

III. NOVA-SCOTIA DISTRICT.-Richard Knight, Chairman. 231 Halifax, Alexander W. M‘Leod, John Allison; William Bennett, Super.

numerary. 232 Lunenburg,

Thomas H. Davies. 233 Liverpool and Mill's-Village, Henry Pope. 234 Barrington, John M Murray. One wanted. 235 Yarmouth, Roland Morton. 236 Horton and Cornwallis, Richard Knight, Charles De Wolfe. 237 Windsor, William Smith, 2d. 238 Newport and Shubenacadie, William Crosscombe, James Narraway. 239 Amherst and Parrsborough, William Webb, Ist. 240 Wallace, Richard Weddall, 241 Guysborough, Jeremiah V. Jost.


242 Sydney, James Buckley. 243 Ship-Harbour, One wanted.

PRINCE EDWARD'S ISLAND. 244 Charlotte-Town, John B. Strong. 245 Bedeque,

John Marshall. One wanted. 246 Murray-Harbour, One wanted.

IV. NEW-BRUNSWICK DISTRICT.-Enoch Wood, Chairman. 247 St. John, South, (Germain-street,) George Miller, Ingham Sutcliffe. 248 St. John, North, ( Portland-street,) Michael Pickles. 249 Carlton, Long-Reach, &c., William Allen, 2d; Christopher Lockhart, Assist

ant Missionary. 250 Fredericton, Enoch Wood, Samuel D. Rice. 251 Nashwaak, Wesley C. Beals. 252 Sheffield and Gagetown, William Temple. 253 Mill-Town, James G. Hennigar. 254 St. Stephen's and St. David's, Henry Daniel. 255 St. Andrew's, Richardson Douglass. 256 Sackville, Arthur M‘Nutt, Humphrey Pickard, A.M.; Albert Des

brisay, Supernumerary. 257 Point-de-Bute, Sampson Busby. 258 Petitcodiac, Joseph F. Bent. 259 Bridge-Town, William Smithson. 260 Aylesford, George M. Barrett. 261 Annapolis and Digby, George Johnson ; Stephen Bamford, William M. Leggett,

Supernumeraries. 262 Sussex-Vale, To be supplied. 263 Miramichi, Richard Shepherd, 2d. 264 Richibucto, Robert H. Chesley. 265 Woodstock and Wakefield, Frederick Smallwood. 266 Grand-Manan, To be visited by the Minister stationed at St. Andrew's. 267 Bathurst, One wanted.

V. NEWFOUNDLAND DISTRICT.-Richard Williams, Chairman. 268 St. John's, Richard Williams. One wanted. 269 Harbour-Grace, George Ellidge. 270 Carbonear, John S. Addy. 271 Blackhead, James England. 272 Island-Cove, James Norris. 273 Perlican, Jabez Ingham. 274 Port-de-Grave, John Snowball. 275 Brigus,

W’illiam Faulkner. 276 Bonavista, Thomas Angwin. 277 Burin, Samuel W. Sprague. 278 Grand-Bank, Adam Nightingale. 279 Hermitage-Cove, One wanted. 280 Trinity-Bay, John S. Peach. 281 Green-Bay,

William Marshall. 282 Hant's Harbour, One wanted.


James Evans, General Superintendent. 283 Norway-House, Lake-Winnipeg, James Evans, William Mason. 284 Moose-Factory and Abittibe, George Barnley. 285 Lac-la-Pluie and Fort-Alexander, Peter Jacobs, Assistant Missionary. 286 Edmonton and Rocky Mountain Station, Robert F. Rundle. Fort-Vancouver, Columbia-River, Two are requested.

N.B. 1. Edward Edwards and William Seccombe are placed under

the direction of the Missionary Committee.

2. The appointments to the Foreign Missions are prospective, and will take place after the next Annual District-Meetings.


( Extracted from the Minutes of the late Conference.) I. In Great Britain the following proofs of a sound conversion, by the fifteen Preachers have died in the course uniform consistency of a holy and deof the past year :

voted life. He entered upon the work 1. OWEN JONES; a native of Me- of the ministry in the year 1785, and rionethshire, and among the first-fruits laboured with success in Circuits at of Wesleyan Missionary labours in home for several years; but such was Wales. In the year 1808 he entered on his love to Christ, and his zeal for the the work of the Christian ministry, and conversion of the world, that, at the recontinued to discharge its duties until quest of Dr. Coke, and from a convicthe year 1835, when he became a Super tion of duty, he left this country, in 1792, numerary. He was a good man, of a for Jamaica ; where he was associated quiet spirit, and sound judgment. His with men who suffered “ bonds and im. talents as a Preacher were not of the prisonments” for the sake of our Lord first order ; but in pastoral duties he was Jesus Christ; and faithfully and judicareful and diligent. Though the nature ciously assisted in laying the foundation of his disease was such as to prevent of the great work of God, which has him from uttering any sentiments as to since been so successfully carried on in the state of his mind, for some time pre that island. In 1805, on account of the vious to his death, we have, however, failure of his health, he returned to his no doubt of his peaceful end. He died native land, but was enabled to continue July 27th, 1843, in the sixty-fifth year his efficient labours until 1816, when he of his age.

became a Supernumerary, and spent the 2. WILLIAM Fish. He was brought closing part of his life in the island of to God in early life, and gave decided Guernsey ; where he diligently employed

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