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GREAT BRITAIN. (N. B. Each of the places mentioned in these Stations, and numbered consecutively from 1 to 426, is the head of a Circuit. The Superintendent and other Minister or Ministers stationed in, or appointed to, the several Circuits under-mentioned, is and are appointed by the Conference to preach and to perforin all acts of religious worship and Methodist discipline in each and every of the Wesleyan-Methodist chapels already erected, or to be erected, within each Circuit respectively, within the space of twelve calendar months, at such time or times, and in such manner, as to him or them shall seem proper; subject nevertheless to the Superintendent Minister.) JABEZ BUNTING, D.D., PreSIDENT OF THE CONFERENCE.

N. B. The President of the Conference retains his official connexion

with the Wesleyan Missionary Society, and with the Theolo

gical Institution.

1. LONDON DISTRICT.-John Scott, Chairman of the District.

Robert Young, Financial Secretary. | First London, (City-roud, fc.) John Scott, Henry Fish, A.M., George

Steward, John C. Pengelly, William Arthur; Joseph
Brookhouse, Seth Morris, John Langston, Supernumeraries.
N. B. William Arthur remains under engagement to the Missionary

George Cubitt is our Editor ; John S. Stamp is Assistant
Editor ;

John Mason is our Book-Steward.
John Beecham, Robert Alder, D.D., and Elijah Hoole, are

the General Secretaries for our Missions; Walter 0. Croy-
gon is the Superintendent, under the direction of the Mis-

sionary Committee, of the Irish Missions and Schools. Wesleyan Theological Institution :Southern Branch, Richmond, Thomas Jackson, D.D., Theological

Tutor ; Philip C. Turner, House-Governor ; John Farrar,

Classical Tutor ;
Northern Branch, Didsbury, John Bowers, House-Governor; John

Hannah, D, D., Theological Tutor ; William L. Thornton,

Classical Tutor. 2 Second London, (Great Queen-street, gc.,) Joseph Fowler, William Barton,

Benjamin Gregory, jun.; John Kershaw, Richard Allen,

Samuel Jones, A.M., Supernumeraries. 3 Third London, (Spitalfields, fc.) Thomas H. Squance, Israel Holgate,

Charles Prest, John H. Lord; Robert Wheeler, James

Baker, Supernumeraries.
Romford, Joseph Pechey, who shall change once in every four weeks, on

the Lord's day, with the Ministers of the Third London

(Welsh, St. Mary Are, fc.) John Rees. 4 Fourth London, (Southwark, gc.,) James Methley, Samuel R. Hall, James

Osborn. 5 Fifth London, ( Lambeth, c.,) Jonathan Crowther, Richard Felvus, William

Peterson ; Jonathan Williams, Thomas Harrison, Supernu

meraries. 6 Sixth London, (Hinde-street, 8c.,) Robert Young, James Dixon, D. D., James

Little ; Joseph Sutcliffe, A.M., Supernumerary. 7 Seventh London, ( Chelsea, fc.,) Robert Wood, John Smith, 3d, John Bick

nell, Supernumerary.


8 Eighth London, (Islington, 8c.,) Peter M'Owan, William M. Bunting, Alfred

Barrett, Henry Kirkland. 9 Deptford, Timothy C. Ingle, Samuel Simmons ; Thomas Rogers, Super

numerary. 10 Hammersmith, Samuel Tindall, John Hartley ; James Catts, Supernume

rary. 11 Croydon, Samuel Trueman, James S. Haigh; Edward Chapman,

Supernumerary. 12 Leyton,

Robert Colman, who shall change twice in every quarter of a

year, on the Lord's day, with the Ministers of the First and Eighth London Circuits.

N. B. Brother Colman shall reside at Woodford, Essex. 13 Bishop-Stortford, Joseph K. Tucker, Anthony Ward. 14 Cambridge, Robert Maxwell, John I. Dredge. 15 Windsor, James Rosser, John Fletcher. 16 Chelmsford, George Hobill, James Haughton, George Blencowe. 17 Colchester, William Clough, Richard Rymer, George Buckley. 18 Manningtree, John B. Whittingham, Theophilus Pugh, Ebenezer R.

Talbot. 19 Ipswich, Matthew Cranswick, Joseph Payne, George Clement ; George

North, Supernumerary. 20 Hastings, Edward Jennings, Luke H. Wiseman. 21 Sevenoaks, Samuel Young, John Philp, John I. Muff.

N. B. Brother Philp shall reside at Tunbridge Wells, and brother

Muff at Tunbridge. 22 Lewes and Eastbourne, William Culcheth ; William W. Annetts, Supernume

N. B. Brother Culcheth shall change regularly with the Ministers

of the Brighton Circuit.
23 Brighton, John Baker, Robert H. Atherton, William Edwards, 2d.
24 St. Alban's, William Bytheway, John Maysey, Edward Bramford.

NB. Brother Bramford shall reside at Rickmansworth. 25 Guildford and Alton, James Lees, John Tucker, Joseph Mood.

N.B. Brother Tucker shall reside at Alton. 26 Dorking and Horsham, Aaron Langley, William Wilson, 5th.

N.B. By the special request of the President, the standing rule that

the President of the Conference shall be ex officio the Chairman of the District in which he may be stationed, is, this year,

dispensed with II. BEDFORD AND NORTHAMPTON DISTRICT.-Maximilian IVilsor,


Robert Sherwell, Financial Secretary. 27 Bedford and Ampthill, John Pickavant, Thomas Rowe, Philip Fowler. 28 Leighton-Buzzard, Maximilian Wilson, James Golding, Thomas Rodham. 29 Luton,

John Crofts, Thomas P. Clarke. 30 Dunstable, John Knowles, Ist, Thomas Flower. 31 St. Neot's, William Wedlock, William Swallow. 32 Biggleswade, Thomas Hickson, Francis S. Keeling; Francis B. Potts, Super

numerary. 33 Hitchin, Thomas Jones, Ist, who shall change on one Sunday in every

month with the Ministers of the Biggleswade Circuit. 34 Huntingdon, Richard Cooper, George Croft, William Way. 35 Northampton, Robert Sherwell, John Hobkirk, James Hirst; William Hin.

son, Supernumerary. 36 Towcester, William Piggott, Henry Young. 37 Daventry, Thomas Brothwood, William Hopkins, John Bonsor. 38 Newport- Pagnull, William Dalby, Uriah Butters. 33 ligham-Ferrers, John Brown, 2d, Samuel Wesley.

40 Wellingborough, William Wilson, 1st, William H. Bambridge. 41 Kellering, Ralph Gibson, James Wheeler. 42 Market-Harborough, Richard Eland, George Smith; John Wood, Supernu

merary. 43 Chatteris, James Waller, Richard Riley. 44 Oundle, Wright Shovelton, William Ford; Isaac Aldom, Supernu.

III. KENT DISTRICT.-Richard Reece, Chairman.

Samuel Hope, Financial Secretary. 45 Canterbury, Samuel Hope, William Exton. 46 Faversham, Samuel Brown, 2d, Charles Povah. 47 Rochester, John Davis, James Cooke, Ist, John E. Coulson. 48 Graresend, George Scott, Samuel Wilkinson, 2d. 19 Sheerness, John Smith, 1st, who shall change on one Sunday in every

four weeks with the Ministers of the Rochester and Maid.

stone Circuits. 50 Margate, Richard Reece, James Brownell, Charles G. Turton. 51 Dover,

Thomas Robinson, Ist, Samuel H. Wardley, William P.

Dennis ; Thomas Graham, James Jarrett, Supernumeraries. 52 Deal,

Everett Vigis, Reuben Partridge ; James Gartrell, Supernu

merary. 53 Rye,

Thomas Skelton, George Turner, 2d; James Lancaster,

Supernumerary. 54 Tenterden, John Parry, Henry Banks. 55 Ashford, William Harvie, who shall change once in six weeks with the

Ministers at Tenterden and Canterbury. 56 Sandhurst, James Godden, Dixon Naylor. 57 Maidstone, Benjamin Clough, Robert M. Macbrair, A.M.

N. B. Brother Macbrair shall reside at Sittingbourne.

IV. NORWICH AND LYNN DISTRICT.-John Hanwell, Chairman.

Joshua Hocken, Financial Secretary. 58 Norwich, John Hanwell, Joshua Hocken, Thomas Garbutt, 2d. 59 Bungay, John Piggott, John E. Cooke. 60 North. Walsham, Richard Greenwood, Charles Carter, William Powell. 61 Yarmouth, Henry Ranson, William J. Shrewsbury; William Fowler,

Supernumerary. 62 Lowestoff, Henry Cheverton, John Harvard; William Welborne, Super

numerary. 63 Framlingham, William Edwards, 1st, Benjamin Haworth. 64 Diss,

James Aldis, William Drewitt, Henry D. Powis; John Rey

nolds, Ist, Supernumerary. 65 New-Buckenham, Henry Graham. 66 Bury St. Edmund's, William Taylor, Edward B. Pinder. 67 Holt,

William Burnett, Henry Balls. 68 Lynn,

William Binning, William H. Rule. 69 Swaffham, Elijah Toyne, Jabez Palmer. 70 Downham, Philip Jameson, Elisha Balley. 71 Walsingham, John W. Cotton, William Baker, jun.; James Burley, Super.

numerary. 72 Wisbeach, Isaac Phenix, sen., Joseph Midgley. 73 Thetford, Thomas Padman, Josiah Mycock. 74 Mildenhall, Thomas Newton, William Williams, 2d, 75 Ely,

John Newton, Benjamin G. Mitchell.

V. OXFORD DISTRICT.-William Sharpe, Chairman.

Thomas R. Fisher, Financial Secretary. 76 Oxford, Thomas R. Fisher, James P. Dunn. 77 High-Wycomb, Joseph Lowthian, John T. Barr.

78 Aylesbury, Joseph W’ilson, William S. Bestall.
79 Witney, William Sharpe, John Griffith.
80 Banbury, John Coates, John D. Carey, John Osborne.

N.B. Brother Osborne shall reside at Kinetou.
81 Newbury, George Jackson, John D, Julian.
82 Reading, James Ray, Robert S. Ellis.
83 Hungerford, James Allen, 2d, Zephaniah Job, John Dowty.
84 Watlington, Jolin W. Thomas, Henry Owen.

N.B. Brother Owen shall reside at Thame. 85 Brackley, Joseph Gostick, Thomas Standring, John Eaton.

N. B. Brother Standring shall reside at Buckingham. 86 Chipping-Norton, James Rathbone, Richard Hardy. 87 Swindon, John Sharman, John W. Dawson.

N. B. Brother Dawson shall reside at Farringdon. 88 Wantage,

John Booth, George Hurst.

N. B. Brother Hurst shall reside at Abingdon.

VI. PORTSMOUTH DISTRICT.-John H. Adams, Chairman.

Benjamin Andrews, LL.D., Financial Secretary. 89 Portsmouth, John W. Button, James Loutit, Theophilus Woolmer. 90 Gosport, William Baker, sen., William P. Slater. 91 Salisbury, Thomas W. Smith, James Smeeth. 92 Poole,

Charles Williams, John Ryan, 2d, William Bramford.

N. B. Brother Ryan shall reside at Wimborne. 93 Ringwood, John M. Bidden, who shall change regularly on the Lord's

day with the Ministers at Poole. 94 Newport, Isle of Wight, James Mole, Benjamin Andrews, LL.D., Samuel

Lucas, Ist, Isaac Phenix, jun.
N. B. Brother Andrews shall reside at Cowes, and brother Lucas at

Ryde. 95 Southampton and Winchester, John II. Adams, Henry J. Thomas, Matthew

Giles. 96 Andover, Moses Dunn, Ebenezer Tovey. 97 Chichester, George Oyston, William Coloron,

VII. GUERNSEY DISTRICT.-William Burt, Chairman, 98 Guernsey, ( English,) Peter Samuel. 99 Guernsey, ( French,) John Renier, Peter Massot. 100 Alderney,

Daniel Robin. 101 Jersey, ( English,) William Burt, John Mollard ; James Etchells, Sapernu

merary. 102 Jersey, (French,) Philip Tourgis, John de Putron, Philip Guiton ; Anice

Ollivier, Supernumerary.
VIII. DEVONPORT DISTRICT.-William Clegg, Chairman.

John Slater, Financial Secretary.
103 Devonport, William Clegg, William Beal, George F. White.
104 Plymouth, John Slater, Edward Nye.
105 Launceston, George Southern, Peter Parsons.
106 Holdsworthy, James Stott, John Harding.
107 Kilkhampton, William Sanders, John Hugill.
108 Liskeard, Thomas R. Jones, William B. Pope.
109 Saltash, John Heape, George Hagen.

N.B. Brother Hagen shall reside at Callington,

110 Tavistock,

111 Camelford, 112 Kingsbridge,

William Hill, John Mann; Joseph Armstrong, Supernu.

William W. Rouch, John S. Ridsdale.
Oliver Henwood, W’illiam J. Dawson.

N.B. Brother Dawson shall reside at Modbury.
Thomas Payne, Lewis Lewis.

N.B. Brother Lewis shall reside at Dartmouth.
George Beard, John Allin; John Robinson, Supernumerary.

N. B. Brother Allin shall reside at Buckfastleigh.

113 Brixham,

114 Ashburton,

IX. CORNWALL DISTRICT.John Hobson, Chairman.

James Shoar, Financial Secretary. 115 Redruth, Jaines Shoar, John Keightley. 116 Camborne, James Mowat, Robert Keyworth. 117 Tuckingmill, Thomas Heeley, Samuel Beard. 118 Falmouth, John Smith, 2d, William Appleby.

N. B. Brother Appleby shall reside at Penryn. 119 Truro, John Smedley, James Grose. 120 Perranwell, Paul Clarke, who shall change on one Sunday in every six

weeks with the Minister at Gwennap, and on one Sunday in

every six weeks with the Ministers in Truro. 121 Gwennap, Richard Moody, Thomas Osborne. 122 St. Aynes, John Bissell, Henry Hayman. 123 St. Austle, Isaac Whitehouse, Samuel W. Christophers, Hender Geach ;

Joseph Womersley, Thomas Withington, Supernumeraries. 124 St. Mawes, Henry Daniels, who shall change once in every month,

on the Lord's day, with the Ministers at St. Austle. 125 Bodmin, Thomas Wood, Ist, Christopher Ridler. 126 St. Columb, James Meadmore, Joseph Exell. 127 Penzance, Thomas Moss, John Jenkins ; John Reynolds, 2d, James

Akerman, Ralph Scurrah, Supernumeraries. 128 St. Just, Samuel Timms, John G. Wilson. 129 St. Ives, John Hobson, James Cooke, 2d. 130 Scilly Islands, John Cullen. 131 Helstone, Thomas Jewell, Henry Groves, John L. Sander ; William

Sleep, Charles Colwell, Supernumeraries. 132 Hayle, John Wood, 2d, Edwin J. Sturges. 133 Marazion,

Joseph Fletcher, John Dawson.

X. EXETER DISTRICT.-Corbett Cooke, Chairman.

Richard Ray, Financial Secretary. 134 Exeter, Corbett Cooke, James J. Topham, George Curnock; James

Odgers, Supernumerary. 135 Tiverton, Robert Bond, Joseph B. West. 136 T'aunton and Wellington, Richard Ray, Henry M. Harvard ; Francis Collier,

Charles Tucker, Supernumeraries.

N.B. Brother Harvard shall reside at Wellington. 137 Bridgewater, George F. Driver, John Eglinton. 138 South-Petherton, Joseph Crump, Thomas Green.

N, B. Brother Green shall reside at Crewkerne. 139 Arminster and Honiton, Thomas Webb, Thomas Leach.

N, B. Brother Leach shall divide his labours equally between the

Axminster and Budleigh-Salterton Circuits. 140 Budleigh-Sallerton, James Sutch. 141 Bridport, John Radford, William A. Quick.

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