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Society may be enabled, speedily, to refers to the Centenary Fund. Noble enter some of those numerous and pro- theme for any Wesleyan! You have a mising fields of usefulness, from which remembrancer of it in Bishopsgate-street. it is only deterred by the want of pecu- There is your monument of praise to niary funds. It is, however, to be God; and when the wintry blasts of observed, that my Resolution abounds time shall have fretted away every part with the pleasing sentiments of thank- of that, (but long may it stand !) this fulness to the subscribers and contri- cause shall have monuments, -monu. butors to our cause; and such sentiments ments of immortal souls from the South are becoming on this occasion. The Sea Islands, from Western Africa, from Financial Report most appropriately ac- India, and from other fields of Missionary knowledged this. A people who, with labour, standing around the throne of out a single titled man associated with God. My Resolution is, them in church membership, have raised That this Meeting observes with deep £108,000 in one year, for men they and unfeigned concern the inadequacy of never saw, are not to be despised nor the regular receipts of the year 1843, as condemned. Having now my abode in now reported, to meet the e.rpenditure of another part of the kingdom, I rejoice the year ; and indulges the earnest hope to be able to say that I dwell among a that every individual Member of the Sopeople high in Missionary feeling The ciety will practically acknowledge the Leeds District, including thirteen or necessity of increased liberality in the fourteen Circuits, and which measures cause of Missions, and that all the not more than twenty miles in diameter, Officers and Local Committees will feel has, I believe, within the last twelve themselves bound to promote the operamonths, taking into account all its con- tions of the Society, by pledging themselves tributions, sent your Missionary to more diligent and sealous exertion,-Treasurer not less than one-tenth of the so that the income of the current year, whole income of the Missionary Society and of each succeeding year, may be for the year. God is with us, and is equal to the necessarily increased expenblessing us ; and he will bless all who diture. At the same time this Meeting faithfully support his cause. I am glad rejoices in the success of the efforts which also to have to state, that in Leeds men have been made completely to liquidate are trying themselves by the principles the Old Debt of the Society; and it of Christian liberality set forth in the gratefully acknowledges the aid received word of God, and inquiring of their from the Centenary Fund towards that Ministers what is the extent of their object, as well as the proceeds of the duty in this respect. That is what Ladies' Sales, in London, Dublin, and must be, and what I trust soon will be, other places, and the liberal contributions not only in connexion with every society from private individuals. It contemin Wesleyan Methodism, but also with plates with satisfaction and gratitude the every section of the church of Christ. noble response which has been made to It is also a reason for rejoicing, that the the Special Appeal circulated in Decemyoung are beginning to feel deeply inter- ber last, by large donations towards ested in this work. The Resolution meeting the anticipated deficiency in the concerning the “ Juvenile Offering,” income of the Society for 1843; as well passed in this Hall last year, and re- as the inoreased amount received under ferred to in this Resolution, will, I the delightful form of Christmas and believe, be cheerfully carried out by the New Year's Offerings from the children children of Yorkshire ; and I doubt not, and young people interested in Misthat when the proclamation shall pass sions; and the Contributions so promptly from this Hall, as it soon will, that the offered towards the restoration of the Old Missionary Debt is extinguished, Mission Chapels in the West Indies and both old and young will, with renewed elsewhere, which were destroyed or invigour, aid your cause. There are seve- jured by earthquakes or by other sudden ral other subjects of interest referred to calamities. And this Meeting offers its in this Resolution which are inviting to a thanks to the supporters of the Society in speaker. There is “ The Ladies Sale,” general, under whatever form of contriof which I might speak from personal ex- bution they may have aided its funds, perience, as well as from written testi- and expresses its earnest wish and prayer mony; for never was work more cheerfully that the support of the Missions now done or presented for any cause than existing may be provided for, and that that of the ladies of London, Dublin, the Society may be enabled speedily to and elsewhere. The Resolution also enter some of those numerous and promising fields of usefumess from which it all books. Now, if that be right, we is only deterred by the want of the neces. pray that God's kingdom may be exsary funds."

tended, we pray for prosperity, and we The REV. DR. BUNTING then pray for many other things; but if we do said,-After the allusion in this Reso- not labour to possess ourselves of the Jution to the Centenary Fund, and after things for which we pray, our words are what has been said by the mover of the only wind. Here, on the one hand, it Resolution upon that subject, I feel great struck me, our prayers have been answer. personal pleasure in being permitted to

ed. There is an opening made for our call upon a gentleman to second the labours, and for the extension of God's Resolution, who took a most active, a kingdom, nearly to every part of the most zealous, and a most successful part habitable glube : and from every part in the proceedings of the Centenary Fund, which you do possess, you have had -a man whose name is well known to

returns of success,-a proof that God most of you, George R. Chappell, Esq., honours your efforts, and blesses your of Manchester.

endeavours. I shall not trouble you with MR. CHAPPELL, who on coming a long speech, because I never had it in forward was welcomed with hearty plau- my power to make one ; but allow me to dits, said,—Sir, it gave me very great observe, what are our means, and what pleasure to see Sir George Rose in that we have to do. Here is the great cause chair first, on account of the kindly of evangelizing the whole world ; and God feeling which he manifested towards this has honoured this little island by making Society, and the truly catholic spirit it the depository of his word, and has with which he extended his observations commanded us to send it to all the world. to other denominations of real Christians. If we feel that word to be of any value to Now we have you, whose name is Far- ourselves, we shall not hesitate for a mer; and I look on you, Sir, not only as moment to disseminate its blessings as a farmer, but as, in some sense, the widely as we can. Take, then, for landlord of this great Wesleyan Missionary granted, that in answer to your prayers field ; and these are your tenants, and, Sir, openings have been made for you, open. it is the rent-day. Now, Sir, I really ings which, for the want of pecuniary think you may be proud of your tenantry, means, though the benighted people are -none, save yourself, can boast such an calling to you for help, you cannot one. I do not know how you may feel embrace. Take it for granted, too, that at being the landlord of such a tenantry, God has raised up men, qualified and but I feel proud and honoured that I am converted men, saying to the Committee, one of the tenants. Then, Sir, I have “Here we are, send us where you please;" come up by the good providence of God who make no point of saying, “We to pay my rent. I did purpose to give should like to go to such and such a £50 to send a Missionary to China ; for place ;" but, “ Xere we are at your dis. when I read that other denominations posal, ready to be sent where we are most had got Missionaries there, and called wanted.” Here then is the work before to mind that the Wesleyans had not, I us ; and what are your means ? that is thought it was a shame. I wrote, how- the question. I am going on the finanever, to Dr. Bunting, whose opinion I cial part of the business, and I leave esteem, as I have good reason to do, and the rest to those gentlemen who are he gave me sufficient reasons why I better qualified than I can be, and whose should not now adopt that plan ; but as business it is to preach the Gospel and to the money was dedicated to God, although practise it, so that, by their precept and I changed my mind in one respect, I still by their example, we may follow them. In came here to give you part,-a part you the first place, to begin with the smallest, have had already. I did not, I assure we have our Missionary Baskets. They you, expect the honour of being called

are very well in their way. Ladies are before such a Meeting as this ; but whilst always well employed so long as they sitting upon this platform, several are doing anything in the cause of God. thoughts crossed my mind, which I shall The next is the Juvenile Christmas endeavour to embody. I thought that Offering,-perfectly right: “ Train up a the first duty of every human being, upon child in the way he should go, and coming to years of discretion, was the when he is old he will not depart from salvation of his own soul; and that the it.” But what are these things ? Are second was, love to his fellow-man. they sufficient for a Committee to rely That is clear,—at least, if I have been upon, in such a work as we have before rightly instructed in that blessed book of us? I trow not. Then we have Dona

tions; and now and then some kind de- ous to you to do so, in which there are parted friend leaves us something in his the same names with the same amount of will. That is all very proper ; but I subscription. Then comes the Misthink it better to give when you are sionary cause, - a guinea ! So that the alive, and when you can see the bene- salvation of the soul is put down only ficial results of your gift. However, I for the same amount as the cure of a am not finding fault with any one who slight hurt of the body. Now, is this a has left us a thousand or two at the bot. right estimate? If one pound is wanted tom of his will. Nothing of the sort. for a dispensary, give it. But is the Then we come to these Public Meet body or the soul of more value ? Now, ings: these are vitally important to our I cannot conceive that our people want Society, and to the Missionary cause : principle, and, from what you have here we see the fellow-feeling, the sweet stated, I am perfectly satisfied that we sympathy, the kindly brotherly love ex- have not only a people of the soundest tended to our distant fellow.creatures, and purest principles under heaven, but and hear the prayers offered up that we we have a willing people ; and I have may be the instruments in the hand of only mentioned what I have just stated, God of doing them good ; and, depend because I believe it is done for want of upon it, we shall strive to do them good thought. The Centenary I shall never just in proportion as we feel the love of forget, if I live a thousand years. No. God in our souls. Another good which thing, in comparison, of Methodism did attaches to these Meetings is,--here as. I ever know until then; and I don't semble people from all parts of the think one half of our Ministers knew kingdom, who will return to their homes, what the energy of Methodism was; and, repeating what they have heard, and nothing but principle would ever have what has been impressed upon them, brought those subscriptions to the will urge upon their friends the neces- amount at which they arrived, and sity of contributing to the good cause caused them to be paid up as fully as far as their means will allow, and as they have been. Now, Mr. Chairmay, perhaps, arouse them to greater man, you have your tenants, and they exertion. But even this does not satisfy are honest tenants. You must “raise my mind : this alone would not, I think, the rents.” That is the point. The justify the Committee in attempting to land is good. The more it is cultivated, carry out so mighty a work as that which the more it will produce. We are now the Lord has intrusted to their care. getting on to a different system of farm. And I feel that means must be found, ing. I see, lands are now producing because our Christian brethren going double the quantity, because there has out to visit heathen lands, must be pro- been a little outlay and a little exertion. vided with a suitable outfit, and must Here it will be the same. But ours will be properly supported. To think of men be a harvest of souls. O, my dear friends, leaving their native home, their friends, I did not intend to have told it you, but and all that is near and dear to them, as it may be a warning to some of you, for the love of God !-and shall they I will now disclose what has happened not be supported, those pilgrims in this to myself. Three years ago, or rather holy cause ? Who is the man that can better, I had realized what I thought eat his cake at home in peace, and think was amply sufficient for my own wants, that his brother abroad, who is gone to and for my children. I had six : God conduct his heathen fellow-beings to has taken one to heaven. I invested Jesus, has none ? No, Sir; on Annual upwards of £30,000, which I thought Subscribers it is that I rest: here was perfectly safe ; and I said to myself, I take my stand, and here perhaps “Now, by the blessing of God, what you will permit me to indulge for five I gain in my business I will give to minutes. . I have looked over and pe- Him." He tried me in another way. rused the General Report, and I have At one fell swoop, upwards of £30,000 re-perused it, and I find there are two or made itself wings and flew away: and three out of some five-and-twenty thou- I am here to protest to you, to the hosand, that subscribe £100 annually ; two nour and glory of God, that I thank him or three subscribe £50; two or three for it. There is enough left with his subscribe £10 ; some few £5, a good blessing; and without his blessing there many £2, and some £l. Now we see is nothing that is worth any thing. I the same name in half-a-dozen Reports. trust that I shall be myself better for Here is a dispensary,-a guinea; and it. I am satisfied he can bless my chilthere is a half-score of institutions I dren doubly to what the paltry sum I might enumerate, but it would be tedi. should have left them would have done.

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They have enough, and with His bless- bling servant in old times, “Alas! ing it will be sufficient.

Now, my

master, what shall we do ?” However, friends, let this be a warning. Do not Sir, I am one of those who are disposed think of laying up too much for your to take encouragement where even some children: use it for God. I trust I shall, good men take alarm. I look at all as I said before, be much better for it my. these movements,—I look at things to self. I not only bow to his chastisement, which repeated reference has been made but I can kiss the rod, and praise him for it. during the proceedings in this Meeting,

The Rev. DR. NEWTON was then -at infidelity in its various forms and announced to the Meeting, and was modifications, stalking abroad with ungreeted with loud and long.continued wonted daring, on the one hand, and at cheering When it had subsided, the superstition with her pom pous cereRev. gentleman observed, Mr. Chair- monial obtruding herself on the other man, I cannot say, as you well know, hand, and at extremes meeting in certain that I am unused to public speaking. quarters ; for the two things I have But I do say, that, having spoken so named are more nearly allied to each long yesterday, in endeavouring to urge other than some people seem to be aware the claims of this great Society, I did of. But, Sir, what of all this? To my think, that I might have been excused mind it proves thus much: evangelical to-day. However, it seems my friends Christians, who value the truth as it is think otherwise, and we have learnt to- in Jesus above all things in this world, day to regard invitations from the Secre- are stirring. Evangelical Christians are, taries and Committee as mandatory. at least, in good earnest to maintain They are commands, and therefore we their Christianity. They are in good must bow to them. I do, however, earnest in endeavouring to extend the most heartily congratulate yourself and influence and the blessings of that Chris. your colleagues in office, and the Com- tianity. They are in good earnest to mittee and the Secretaries of this So. send Christianity to the utmost parts of ciety, throughout the breadth and length the habitable globe. Therefore it is, of the land, on the improved and im. that the powers of infidelity and superproving state of its finances. We have stition have taken the alarm. They are heard better tidings this day than some alarmed in India. Even the Brahmins of us anticipated. We have heard there are calling on their people to come better tidings this day than the fears forward in a way that they have not naturally entertained by yourselves had been wont to do; declaring, that unless led us to anticipate. I thank God that they zealously maintain their religion, the appeal which was so suitably and their religion is doomed to speedy and so powerfully made to the public, has certain destruction. And are there not met with that practical reception of those at home who have taken the same which we have heard this day. And we alarm ? And therefore it is, that there see, Sir, what an elasticity there is in is that activity which we have lately wite our Connexion, (in Wesleyan Method- nessed on the right hand and on the left. ism,) that when once it is called on to Why has the enemy of truth and rightmake an effort, though it has made eousness come down with great wrath, many an effort before, it can make ano. but because he knows his time is short ; ther, and another; and, therefore, I, for that his usurped dominions are one, will never despair. Reference has being attacked, east and west, and north been made to-day, Sir, repeatedly, to and south ? And there are so many the signs of the times; and, certainly, points of attack at once, that the prince the times in which we live are of no of darkness himself perhaps scarcely ordinary kind,—times eventful, times knows how to dispose of his forces. He changeful, times stirring, times, in some feels that his kingdom is shaken, and instances, startling. Heavings yonder, that his own throne totters. But, throes there, commotions, agitations, in though the enemies of truth are alarmdicating, as I think, some mighty, noted, we are not alarmed. We are quite far-off, crisis in the moral world, the sure that truth is indestructible. We results of which will be either highly feel that the truth of God must live, and beneficial to mankind at large, or of the that it must flourish and prevail when opposite character. I earnestly hope error and superstition shall have breathed it may be the former. And yet I may their last. I think this will be the occanow say, there are devout men, sincere sion, indeed I think it has already been Christians, who are looking on with the occasion, of our examining more intense interest, and who are almost particularly the motives by which we ready to sigh, and say, with the trem. are influenced, in connexion with all



these Missionary doings especially, and cause against the

enemy. the principles on which we act ; and, my I trust, that, having drawn the sword, friends, it becomes us to do so.

If our we have thrown away the scabbard, principles are not sound, let them go. and determined never to sheathe it If the ground on which we stand be more, and that we shall fight manfully ; unsound, let it sink beneath our feet. for we know it is written, that He, our If the superstructure we are endeavour- Lord and Master, must reign, and all ing to raise be framed of wood, and hay, his enemies become his footstool. I and stubble, then let the fire consume it. sometimes indulge the thought with a But no, Sir; we have found firm foot. pleasure that I cannot embody into ing. We stand on ground that will sus- language, that all this will be the tain us. Our principles are those of occasion of bringing us to feel, and God's revealed truth ; and we find they practically to acknowledge, our entire are as firm, and as sound, and as stable dependence on God. 0! if we feel now, as they were when some of us our depenılence as we ought, that will began to act on them in a more public lead us to more prayer : and if there way more than a quarter of a century be more prayer, there will be more ago. Then, Sir, let the rains descend, power and more influence, and there let the floods of opposition come upon will be more blessing. I am quite sure, us, let the wind blow, and let the tem- that if there were more intercessory pest howl, our structure will stand.

prayer for the influence of that Holy Stand it must, and stand it will; for it Spirit, without whom nothing is wise, or is founded on a rock. And though, strong, or holy, without whose presence sometimes, as now, clouds and darkness and aid our doings are nothing worth ; may gather round it for a short time, if we were all sufficiently humble to feel what then ? “ Eternal sunshine settles as we ought, and to bend ourselves at on its head.” Besides, I think all this the throne of the heavenly grace in will become the occasion of the mani- united and incessant prayer, how would festation of character, and we shall begin prayer open heaven, and how would to know, better than we have done in blessings come down at home and by-gone years, “who's who.” We shall abroad! Here is, if such a figure may begin to ascertain, who is for us, and be allowed, our Samsonian lock; here. who is for the adversary ; for the time in our great strength lies. By prayer, has come, as it seems to me, when any we take hold of an almighty hand ; by thing like a respectable neutrality can no prayer we take hold of an omnipotent longer be maintained. The man that arm; and it has been well remarked, by tries to halt and waver will be exposed an old writer, that “ he that has the ear to the cross-fire of both, if he does not of God, has the arm of God." Let us take care. The time has come when see that we have “the ear of God," and Moses is standing in the gate of the we shall have “the arm of” his camp, and he is asking the question, strength, “the arm of” his might, in “ Who is on the Lord's side ?" And I which there is omnipotent power, trust that all the evangelical Levites will stretched forth to help us, and to give gather round about us immediately ; success to our works. Then as to the and I trust also, that those who belong giving. I am one of those who think to Reuben, and Simeon, and Joseph, there is an intimate connexion between and Benjamin, and all the other tribes of praying and giving; and who think, the Christian church, will gather round that if you can only get a man, interested the sacred standard too, and that we in a cause, to pray a great deal for its shall have many a specimen of entire success, you have what you want. He devotedness, and sacrifice, and honour- will become not only an occasional donor, ing God with all, and having God in but a regular subscriber. And while I all, and above all. “ If God be for am grateful to those friends who have us, who can be against us?" And contributed to increase the funds by the different members and sections of their money-baskets, and their sales of the Christian church, of different de- articles of industry, and their bazaars ; scriptions, will recognise each other, not and while I am especially grateful to merely as being of the same species, but my young friends, who have redeemed, as those who belong to the same com- in some sort, the pledge which I venturmon Master, those who are fellow-ser. ed to give, on their behalf, in this Hall, vants in the same work, those who twelve months ago ;-and I will dare venare fellow-soldiers, enlisted under the ture to give another pledge; for I dare banner of the cross; and all pledged say, that, encouraged by my brother Mito do their utmost in the common nisters, they will, another year, come

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