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Church Members' Magazine.


Should the day ever arrive when the Dissenting body shall be distinguished for the number of its members who adorn the
walks of public life, and wear its honours, rather than for the number of its humble, active, and holy disciples ; FOR ITS
WEIGHT IN POLITICS, RATHER THAN FOR ITS WEIGHT IN RELIGION ; for its zeal in contending for pabiic rights, rather than
for its devoted attachment to the cause of a suffering Saviour ; its glory will then have passed away.- JRME.

Thas lived, for two or three ages, the successors of the Apostles. But when, through Constantine's larish superstition, they
forsook their first love, and set themselves up two gods instead, Mammon and their Belly; ther, taking advantage of the
spiritual power which they had on men's consciences, they began to cast a longing eye to get the body also and bodily things
into their command; upon which their carnal desires, the spirit daily quenching and dying in them, knew no way to keep
themselves up from falling to nothing, but by bolstering and supporting their inward rottenness by a carnal and outward

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