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No less than six counties in Iowa have ladies for superintendents.

SEWING is largely taught to girls in the primary and intermediate departments of the public schools of Providence, R. I.

The Hampton (colored) Normal and Agri. cu tural School, is said to be exerting a salutary influence, especially in the part of E. Virginia in which it is located.

Ar the meeting of the Department of Superintendence (of the National Teachers' As. sociation), lately held in Washington, some eighteen States were represented. The papers presented are well spoken of, and their publication is probable. Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri were represented, but not Wisconsin.

GOVERNOR ROBINSON, of New York, discourses thus, on Normal Schools; he is evi. dently in need of a little normal education himself:

So far as I can learn, the Normal Schools established in various parts of the State, with two or three exceptions, are wholly useless, and fail almost entirely to accomplish the ob- ! jects for which they were established, and for which the State is annually paying large amounts of money. I recommend an inquiry into the workings of these institutions, and a discontinuance of those which fail to accomplish the purposes of their establishment.

MICHIGAN ('niversity has 1,372 students. Of these, 661 are of Michigan, and 711 from other States and countries. Of professional students, 329 are in medicine and 406 in law. The whole number of students in the literary department is 441. Wisconsin furnishes 34 students, of whom 9 are in medicine and 9 in law The Homepathic Medical College has 6? students, in addition to the 329 regular students in medicine. It is rumored that the Homopathic department may be removed to Detroit. The “big pills ” and “little pills" do not get on well together.



Admission Examinations $50 to $100 or $200 PER MONTH At Cincinnati and Chicago, 1879.

during the Spring and Summer. For fuul par

ticulars address J. C. McCURDY & Co., Examinations for admission to Harvard Col.

Chicago, Ille. lege (preliminary and enuire), the Lawrence Scientific School the Medical School and the Law School, will be held in Cincinna'i, Ohio,

business you can engage in. $5 to and in Chic go, Illinois, on June 26, 27 and 28,

$20 per day made by any worker beginniog at 8 A. M. on June 26.

of ei' her sex, right in their own These exainiuations, which are identical

localities. Improve your spare with those held in Cambridge, are free to all

time at this business. Address, STINSON & who jntend to enter tbe abve departments of

Co., Portland, Me. the Univerfity, and open 10 others upon pay. ment of a fee of $10.

a week in yonr own town. $5 Outfit Persons who propose to pass there examina.

free. No risk. Reader, if you want tions are requested to inform the Secretary of

a business at which persons of either Harvard University,Cambridge, Mass., of their

sex can make great pay all the time purpose before June 15, and to address him fur further information.

hey work, write for particulars to H. HALLETT The admis-ion Examinations of the Univer.

& Co., Porilaud, Me. sity will be held at Cincinnati and Chicayo each year on i he three days following ihe last can make money faster at work for us than Wednesday in June.

at anything else. Cupital not required; we The precisa place in each city at which the

el Unyibeirdu-trio's. 'Men, womeo, boys and

will start you. $12 per day at home made examinations will be held will be announced in the Cincinnati Gazette and Commercial, girls wanted every where to work for us. Now and in the Chicago Tribune aid Journal, of is the time. Osily muttit and terms free. AdJune 24 and 25.

dress, TRUE & Co. Augusta, Me.


ELEMENTS OF ENGLISH ANALYSIS, Illustrated by a New System of

Diagrams. By Stephen H. Carpenter, Prof. of English in the University of Wisconsin.

This book, the result of the author's experience in the class room, is designed to assist students, by a System of Diagrams, in obtaining the outline structure of sentences, which a thorough knowledge of English grammar demands, and thus fix in the eye and mind the principles of analysis, a correct knowledge of which, as a rule, is wanting among students. Price, in boards, 25 cents. Mailed on receipt of price. In preparation, a Treatise on Orthoepy.

W. J. PARK & Co., Publishers, Madison, Wis.

Authorized Subscription Edition, printed in Edinburg from the original stereo. type plates, purchased and imported by Scribner, Armstrong & Co. For sale exclusively by Subscription. Large type, fine colored maps, steel plates. Cloth, per vol. small qnarto,

$5 00 Library,

6 00 Half Calf,

ng 00 Hif Russia,"

8 00 JOHN P. HAIRE, Janesville, Wis.,

Agent in Wisconsin.

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TERMS, $100 — IN ADVANCE. The JOURNAL OF EDUCATION will continue to be issued by the present editors and publishers, as heretofore. Thanking our subscribers for their patronage; our contributors for their interest and their articles, and the county superintendents, end many others, for their efforts in extending the circulation of the JOURNAL, the publishers will still endeavor to make it useful to the teachers and the educational interests of the State. Remittances and Communications should be addressed to

WHITFORD & PRADT, Madison, Wis.

A. H. ANDREWS & CO., 213 Wabash Ave., Chicago.




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Andrews' Pencil-holding Noiseless Slates; Kindergarten and Drawing Slates; also, New Slate Drawing Book revised and enlarged by D. McGregor, President of Platteville Normal School; 15 cents each, $1.50 per dozen, post paid; $1.20 per dozen in quantities.

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The only Series of Copy-Books with Movable copies, the superior advantages of which are too obvious to be disputed.

The only Series of Copy-Books which insures rapid improvement at every stage of the pupil's practice.

The only Series of Copy-Books which makes instruction in the subject of penmanship, easy, practical, and invariably success ful.

Price, for Introduction, $1.08 per Doz. For samples, etc., Address


61, Washington Street, Chicago.

Thalheimer's Histories. In compliance with a demand for separate Histories of the Early Eastern Monarckies, of Greece and of Rome, MESSRS. VAN ANTWERP, BRAGG & Co. announce an edition of Thalheimer's Manual of Ancient History, in three Parts, viz: 1. THALHEIMER'S HISTORY OF EARLY EASTERN

MONARCHIES, 2. THALHEIMER'S HISTORY OF GREECE, 3. THALHEIMER'S HISTORY OF ROME. The First embraces the Pre-classical Period and that of Persian Ascendency. The Second, (ireece and the Macedonian Empirer. The Third, Rome as Kingdom, R public and Empire.

Each part sufficiently full and comprehensive for the Academic and University Course. Liberally Illustrated with accurate Maps. Large Svo., full cloth.




Sample Copy and

Exchange. Introduction. Thalheimer's General History,


$1.00 Thalheimer's Ancient History,


1.35 Thalheimer's Medieval and Modern History, 1.00

1.35 Thalheimer's Eastern Monarchies (separate), .50

.65 Thalheimer's History of Greece (separate), .50

.65 Thalheimer's History of Rome (separate), .50

.65 Thalheimer's History of England,



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Andrew's Ceology. An Elementary Geology, designed especially for the Interior States, by E. B. ANDREWS, LL. D., of the Ohio Geological Corps, and late Professor of Geology in Marietta College. 12mo., cloth, 283 pr., 432 Illustrations.

Toe distinctive feature of this work is its limitations. It le designed for students and readers of the Interior States, and, consequently, for such has its chier references to home Geology. By thus limiting the scope of the work, it is believed that a much better book for beginuers may be made thau if lar more were attempted. ECLECTIC SERIES - Natural Sciences.



Sample Copy and

Exchange. Introduction. Andrew's Elementaay Geology,

$ .60 Norton's Elements of Physics,

.50 Norton's Natural Philcsophy,


.90 Norton's Elements of Chemistry,

.90 Brown's Physiology and Hygiene,


.85 Ray's Elements of Astronomy,


1.00 ECLECTIC GEOGRAPHIES Wisconsin Edition, Eclectic Geography, No 1,

.45 Eclectic Ceography, No. 2, Wis. Ed.,

.90 FOR HIGHER SCHOOLS. Eclectic Geography, No. 3, Wis. Ed.,



.85 .65


.33 .66


For Common Schools

no series of books can be

found to compare in Excellence, Completeness and Economy, with the following list of standard Text Books selected from

The American Educational Series. Hundreds of Districts throughout the Northwest have, within the past few years, adopted the most or all of these books, and their introduction and use have repaid tenfold their cost in securing uniformity in the use of the best books published.

Mailing Introd’n Exchange

Price. Price. Swinton's Speller (Word Book).

$0.22 $0.15 $0.11 New Graded Reader, First...

.22 .15 .10 Second..

.24 .15

.50 .33 .20 Fourth


.25 Fifth...


.35 Robinson's First Book in Arithmetic..

.45 .29 .20 Complete Arithmetic.....


.50 Kerl's Shorter Course in Grammar.


.33 Swinton's Condensed U. S. History..

1.10 .75 .55 Elementary Geography


.40 Spencerian Copy Books..

.12 •10 .10 Gray's How Plants Grow (Botany).


.50 Bryant & Stratton's Commercial School Book-Keeping 1.00

.50 Webster's Common School Dictionaries..

.85 .67 .67 Townsend's Shorter Course Civil Government.

.90 .60 .60

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.24 .83

For High Schools the following works are more widely

used and approved than any other simi. lar publications:

Introd'n Exchange

Price, Price. Webster's Academic Dictionary..

$1.90 $1.55 $1.55 Cathcart's Literary Reader..

1.40 .96 .50 Swinton's Complete Geography..


1.00 .75 Word Analysis.....

.35 Randall's Reading and Elocution.


.63 Kerl's Composition and Rhetoric.


.75 .55 Robinson's Elementary Algebra...

1.30 .90 .65 (Ficklin's) Complete Algebra.

1.75 1.20 .88 Geometry..

1.10 .75 .55 Bryant & Stratton's High School Book-Keeping.

2.15 1.50 1.08 Swinton's Outlines of the World's History.

1.75 1.20 .88 Townsend's Analysis of Civil Government.

1.30 .90 .65 Gray's School and Field Book of Botany.

2.15 1.50 1.08 Eliot & Storer's Elementary Chemistry.


.90 .65 Dana's Brief Geology (Geological Story)

1.30 .96 .65 Text-Book of Geology

1.75 1.29 1.29 Kiddle's Elementary Astronomy:

1.30 .90 Languellier & Monsanto's French Course.

1.75 1.25 1.25 Woodbury's Complete Course in German

1.75 1.20 1.20 Full Descriptive List of these and many other publications sent free on appli. cation.

Sample copies to teachers for examination with a view to introduction on receipt of exchange prices named above. In addressing us, teachers will confer & favor by namiog the district town, or city in which they are teaching. ADDRESS


Or, 'EDWARD COOK, 133 & 135, State Street, Chicago.


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