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J. H. & J. PARKER, 377, STRAND.

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THE present volume, which is the last of the Third Series of our Journal, is, not less than several preceding ones, marked by the presence of some very valuable and interesting papers. Among them may be mentioned the “List of High Sheriffs of Denbighshire,” the “Catalogue of the Hengwrt MSS. at Peniarth,” the compilation of which has resulted in the discovery of another ancient Cornish MS.; and an essay on Irish and Welsh Oghams. To these may be added the valuable account of Penmynydd and the Tudors, and a spirited memoir of Admiral Sir Thomas Button of Worleton and Cardiff. The cromlechs of North Wales have again been treated of at considerable length; and the other papers which complete the volume, though of smaller extent, will be found full of interesting matter. It is impossible to avoid mentioning the continual labours of Mr. Clark and Mr. Barnwell in illustrating

Welsh antiquities; and it would be ungracious not to

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