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penses; but in our own country it must remain to be distinguished by ihe approbation of Celtic scholars; and it will certainly constitute a lasting memorial of the author's learning and ability.

NICHOLAS's PEDIGREE OF THE ENGLISH PEOPLE. We have great pleasure in recommending this work to the notice of our readers. Its main object is to bring out the fact of the population of these islands not having been cut up into strictly separate and defined portions, such as the commonly received histories of schools and colleges usually represent them; but as having been greatly intermixed, and even alternating during the periods immediately preceding the cessation of Roman power, and during the conquests of the Saxons. Dr. Nicholas works out his subject with great attention to details and collateral proofs, and writes throughout with cheerfulness and animation. He is not a theorizer, but a careful collector of historical proofs : he avoids the extremes of the author of Our British Ancestors, and lays the foundation of a rational system of early English ethnology.

Copious extracts, extending even to many pages, such as we cannot find space for, would be necessary to do full justice to this work; we must, therefore, be content to recommend it to our readers as a learned and conscientious book which will amply repay them for careful perusal. If we might be excused for such a trite allusion, we would say, " Decies repetita placebit."

Archaeologia Cambrensis.



(Continued from p. 29.)

REIGN OF JAMES 1.1 1603.Edward Eyton, of Watstay in the parish of Rhiwabon, Esq. For the second time.

1604.John Lloyd of Vaenol, Esq.

1605.Cadwaladr Wynn of Voelas, Esq. This gentleman was the eldest son and heir of Robert Wynn ab Cadwaladr of Voelas, Esq., high sheriff in the years 1549 and 1574 (ante, p. 8). He was twice married : first to Winifred, daughter of Knelim Throgmorton, Esq. ; secondly to Ann, daughter of Owen Holland of Tir Mon, Esq. His inq. post mort. bears the date of 1612.2 By his first wife he left issue: 1. Thomasine, married to Robert Wynn of Hafod-y

Maidd, Esq. 11. Grace, the wife of William Anwyl ab Thomas An

wyl. II. Winifred, married to Richard Wynn of Trofarth. iv. Elizabeth, married (1) to Richard Heaton of the

Green, Llyweni; (2), Hugh ab Thomas Peake. v. Mary, the wife of Meredydd ab William of Trebedd. By his second wife had issue, an heir, Robert (who was sheriff in 1631 and 1664), and five daughters, viz.:

1 James I began to reign March 24th, 1602-1603,

? Arch. Camb., 1860, p. 112. (Pedigree.) 3RD SER., VOL. XV.


1. Jane, the wife of William Holland of Pennant. 11. Gaenor, the wife of William Bulkeley of Coedana. III. Catherine, the wife of David Ffoulkes. iv. Margaret, the wife of Humphrey Ffoulkes of

Eglwys Fach. v. Magdalene, the wife of Arthur Vaughan of Pantglas.

1606.--Sir John Wynn of Gwydir, Knt., was the eldest son of Maurice Wynn of Gwydir (or Gwaedir), Esq., a descendant of Owen Gwynedd by his first wife, Jane, daughter of Sir Richard Bulkeley, Knt. He was born in 1553, and in 1574 was sent to London to study law. On the death of his father, in 1580, he succeeded to the family estates. He received the honour of knighthood, and represented the county of Carnarvon in the Parliament of 1596; was high sheriff for the same county in 1588 and 1603, and for Merionethshire in 1589 and 1601. In 1611 he was created a baronet, and on the 12th of Dec. in the following year was chosen to bear the great standard at the funeral of Henry Prince of Wales. He was one of the council of the Welsh Marches, but was for a short time suspended from his office in the year 1615. During the latter part of his life he entertained the design of reclaiming Traeth Mawr and Traeth Bach. His letter asking the assistance of his good cousin,” Sir Hugh Myddelton, in this project, bears the date of Sept. 1st, 1625. He died on March 1st the following year. He left, in manuscript, his celebrated History of the Gwydir Family, which was first printed in 1770 by the Hon. Daines Barrington. The same gentleman also edited a second edition in 1781; and a third was edited by the late Miss Angharad Llwyd in 1827, which contained additional matter by Sir John Wynn, being sketches of distinguished contemporaries. He also wrote an extent of North Wales. Sir John married Sydney, daughter of Sir William Gerard, Chancellor of Ireland, by whom he had issue, eleven sons and two daughters, and was succeeded by his second son,

1 For further particulars relating to Sir John Wynn, consult the various editions of the History of the Gwydir Family, Pennant's Tours, Royal Tribes, Smiles' Engineers, i, 147, and Enwogion Cymru.

Sir Richard Wynn of Gwydir, Bart., one of the grooms of the bedchamber to Charles I when Prince of Wales, and afterwards treasurer to Queen Henrietta Maria. Sir Richard accompanied the Prince to Spain in 1623, and wrote a highly interesting narrative of the journey, which was printed among Thomas Hearne's tracts. He married Anne, daughter and coheir of Sir Francis Darcy of Isleworth, county of Middlesex, Knt. ; but dying without issue, in 1649, at the age of sixty-one, he was succeeded by his brother, Sir Owen Wynn, high sheriff in 1656. (See that date.)

1607.-Evan Meredith of Glan-Tanat in Llanrhaiadr-ynMochnant, Esq.,, was the son of Meredydd of the same place; a descendant, through Madog Kyffin, of Einion Efell. He married Margaret, daughter of Elis ab Richard ab Howel of Alrhey, Esq., and had issue, a son,

Andrew Meredydd of Glan-Tanat, Esq., who married Dorothy, daughter of John Owen Vaughan of Llwydiarth in Montgomeryshire, and was the father of Margaret, the wife of Edward Thelwall, the sheriff in 1670.1

1608.Morgan Broughton of Murchwiail, Esq. This sheriff was the eldest son of Edward Broughton by Elen, daughter of Humphrey Dymoke, Esq. He married Margaret, daughter and coheir of Harri ab Harri of Maesglas, Esq. (who was high sheriff in 1585), by whom he had issue, a son, Edward, who was created a baronet.

This family descended through Ednyfed, second son of Cynwrig ab Rhiwallon, from Tudor Trevor, and was a younger branch of the Broughtons of Broughton.

Arms.— Ermine, a lion statant, guardant, for Ednyfed ab Cynwrig ab Rhiwallon.

1609.-Hugh Wynn Gruffydd of Berthddu, Esq., was the eldest son of Gruffydd Wynn of Berthddu, Esq. (ab John Wynn ab Meredydd of Gwydir), high sheriff of Merionethshire in 1592, by his wife Gwen, daughter and heiress of Robert Salusbury of Berthddu, Esq. Hugh Wynn married Margaret, daughter and heiress of

1 Harl. MS. 2299. Royal Tribes, 117.

Richard Mostyn of Bodysgallen, Esq., and had a son and heir, Robert, who was high sheriff in 1618.1

1610.—Sir Richard Trefor of Trefalyn, Knt., was the eldest son of John Trefor of Trefalyn, or Allington, Esq., by Mary, daughter of Sir George Bruges of London, Knt. In the year 1638 Sir Richard erected his own monument in Gresford Church,2 " in the eightieth year of his age, representing himself in armour, kneeling; and his wife, Catherine, daughter of Robert Puleston, Esq., of Emral, by him. The inscription informs us that it was chiefly in memory of his lady that he caused this memorial to be erected. He served many years in the Irish wars; was governor of Newry and the counties of Down and Armagh; council of the Marches, and viceadmiral of North Wales; and lived, as he tells us, to see his children's children's children. There is another monument to his lady, who is placed kneeling, with her five daughters.” “At Trefalyn is a singular portrait of Sir Richard dressed in black. Above hang his arms with the words 'So then'; beneath are some medicines, and • Now thus; allusive to his former and present state.”3 Sir Richard left four daughters, co-heirs : I. Magdalen, who married, first, Arthur Bagnall, Esq.,

of Staffordshire; secondly, Tyringham of Tyr

ingham in the county of Bucks. 11. Mary, the wife of Evan Lloyd of Bodidris in Yale,

son of Sir John Lloyd, knight-banneret (see 1551), was the mother, with other issue, of (1), John of Bodidris, father of Sir Evan Lloyd, sheriff in 1644;

(2), Trevor, ancestor of the Lloyds of Gloucester. 111. Dorothy, married to Sir John Hanmer of Hanmer,

Knt. ; created a baronet 8 July, 1620. iv. Margaret, the wife of John Gruffydd of Lleyn in

the county of Carnarvon. 1 Hist. of Gwydir Family, ed. 1781, 392 and 432; Y Brython, v, 383.

2 Sir Richard also erected at Gresford a monument in memory of his father. The inscription is in Welsh, and is given in the Records of Denbigh, p. 96.

3 Pennant's Tours in IVales, ed. 1810, vol. i, pp. 410.11. · Burke's Landed Gentry, art. “Lloyd of Gloucester.”

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