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of Gwerngwy (chief of one of the noble tribes),

son of Gwaethgar ab Gwaeddfawr, or Gwaeddan, ab Bewyn, the ancestor of Tudor Trevor. Eynydd lived in the time of David ab Owen Gwynedd, Prince of North Wales. He came to Maelor Gymraeg (Bromfield) in the time of Bleddyn ab Cynfyn, Prince of Powys, and fought under him against the English. For his services Bleddyn gave him the townships of Trefalyn, or Allington, and Gresford.

Arms.—1, azure, a lion salient or, armed and langued gules, with a difference of a crescent, for Eynydd, lord of Dyffryn Clwyd ; 2, azure, a fess or inter three horses' heads erased, for Rhys ab Marchan, lord of Ruthin.

1588.—Owen Brereton of Boras, Esq. (for the second time).

1589.--Edward Eyton of Rhiwabon, Esq., was the eldest son of William Eyton of Watstay, Esq., ab John Eyton ab John ab Ellis Eyton of Watstay, Esq., son of John Eyton, of Park Eyton in the parish of Bangor-is-y-coed, Esq. His mother was Ann, daughter of William Williams of Cochwillan, co. of Carnarvon, Esq. He married Catherine, daughter and sole heiress of John Wynn of Christionydd, Esq., ab Howel ab Edward ab Madog Puleston, by whom he had issue, an only daughter, Dorothy, married to Thomas Evans of Oswestry, attorneygeneral for the Court of the Marches of Wales, and descended through Iorwerth Foel ab Iefaf Sais of Llansaintffraid in Mechain (who bore argt. on a fess inter three fleurs-de-lys sable, a fret or), from Mael, lord of Malienydd. By this gentleman she had issue, a son and heir, Eyton Evans of Watstay, Esq., who married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Gerard Eyton, of Park Eyton in the parish of Bangor-is-y-coed, Knt., by whom he had issue, four daughters and coheiresses :

1. Elizabeth, who died s. P. 11. Jane married to Sir John Wynn, Knt., only son of

Henry Wynn, tenth son of Sir John Wynn, first baronet of Gwydir. Dying without issue, she left 1 From this Marchan, Coed Marchan receives its name.

her estates to her husband, who changed the name of his residence from Watstay to Wynnstay; and at his death, in 1719, he left it to his kinsman, Sir William Williams, ancestor of the present Sir

W. W. Wynn of Wynnstay, Bart. I. Sarah married to Thomas Hill of Soulton, Esq., co.

of Salop. iv. Mary.

The Eyton family is descended through Elidyr, lord of Eyton, Erlisham, and Borasham, second son of Rhys Sais, from Tudor Trefor.

Arms.—Quarterly,first and fourth, ermine, a lion rampt. azure, for Elidyr ab Rhys Sais; second and third, Tudor Trefor.

1590.-Edward Thelwall of Plas-y-Ward, Esq., was the eldest son of Simon Thelwall, Esq., high sheriff in 1572, by his first wife (see 1572). He married (1) Dorothy, daughter of John Gruffydd of Chichley, Esq., son of Sir William Gruffydd of Penrhyn, Knt.; and (2), Jane, daughter of Simon Broughton, Esq., by whom he had no issue. He died 28th July, 1610, leaving issue by his first wife :

1. Simon of Plas-y-Ward, high sheriff in 1612. 11. Herbert married to Ann, daughter of Robert Gruff

ydd of Yspytty. III. William. iv. Blanche married to Richard Parry. v. Mary married to Edward Pryce of Ffynogion in

Llanfair-Dyffryn-Clwyd. vi. Grace married to John Wynn Gruffydd of Aber

chwilar, Esq. Arms.Gules on a chev. inter three boars' heads erased

argt., three trefoils sable. 1591.— Thomas Powell of Horsley, Esq., was the eldest son of Thomas Powell of Horsley, Esq. (son of Thomas Powell, Esq., Governor of Holt Castle), and Alice, his wife, daughter of Ralph Worsley of Birkenhead, Esq. He married Dorothy, daughter of Maurice Wynn of Gwydir, Esq., by whom he had issue:

1. Sir Thomas, who was high sheriff in 1639 (see that

date). 11. Richard, M.A., who resided in Ireland. 11. John, a London merchant, married to Jane, daughter

of John Wills, Esq., of London. He purchased

Bodylliog iv. Catherine married to Roger Davies of Erlisham, Esq. v. Margaret married to William Edwards of Eyton,

high sheriff in 1654. vi. Dorothy.

This family is descended from Sanddef Hardd, or the “ Handsome,” lord of Morton in Gresford parish.

Arms.- Vert semé of Broomslips, a lion rampt. or.

1592.Roderick Lloyd of Henllan, Esq. (see 1555 and 1623.)

1593.-Harri ab Ieuan Lloyd of Llangerniw, was the sixth son of Ieuan Lloyd of Hafodunos in the parish of Llangerniw, Esq., by his second wife, Alice, daughter of Robert abJohn ab Meurig. He married Jane, daughter and coheiress of Roger ab Howell ab Rhys. This family is descended from Hedd Molwynog, chief of the ninth noble tribe of Gwynedd and Powys.

Arms.Sable, a stag argt., attired or, with a difference of a fleur-de-lys, for a sixth brother.

1594.—Gruffydd Wynn of Llanrwst, Esq., was the son and heir of John Wynne (ab Meredydd of Gwydyr) and Ellen, daughter of Morris ab John ab Meredydd. He married Gwen, daughter of Robert Salusbury of Berthdu. Thus this younger branch of the Gwydir settled at this seat. He had issue, two sons, Robert, high sheriff in 1609 (see that date), and Ellis.

1595.Thomas Wynn ab Richard of Llanrwst, Esq. He lived at Plas Newydd in that parish, and was the son of Sir Richard Wynn, a priest and abbot of Aberconway,

1 The Gwaunynog list has “ffowc lloid," and with it the Denbigh list agrees, giving Foulk Lloyd of Henllan as sheriff for this year. The error in the Harl. list probably arose from careless copying. Foulk Lloyd was the son of John Lloyd, the son of Foulk Lloyd, who was sheriff in 1555 and 1567.

2 Respecting this Richard Wynn, the Add. MS. 15,017 has the fol

by Janet, daughter of Ellis ab Harri ab Cynwrig ab Ithel Fychan of Ysgeifiog. He married Catherine, daughter of Robert ab Richard ab Meredydd ab David ab Einion Fychan. His father, Sir Richard, who was also called “ Y Person Gwyn” (the white parson), was the fourth son of Rhys ab Meredydd ab Tudor, standardbearer at the battle of Bosworth. (See p. 7.)

Arms.Gules, a lion rampt. argt., holding in its paws a rose argt., leaves and stem ppr.

1596.-David Holland of Kinmael, Esq., was the eldest son of Pierce Holland, Esq., high sheriff in 1578. He married Catherine, daughter of John Owen of Garth-ymedd in the parish of Abergelau, Esq., descended from Jarddur, grand forester of Snowdon (see p. 5), by whom he had issue: 1. Pierce of Kinmael married to Eliza, daughter of

Ralph Egerton.
II. William. III. Dows, and iv. Grace.

1597.—Sir Robert Salusbury of Bachymbyd, Esq., was the eldest son of John Salusbury of Bachymbyd, Esq., by Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Salusbury of Llyweni, Knt. He married Eleanor, daughter of Sir Henry Bagnell, and died with issue. (See 1546.)

1598.- Edward Brereton of Borasham, Esq., was the eldest son of Owen Brereton, Esq., high sheriff in the years 1581 and 1588. He married Ann, daughter of John Lloyd, of Bodidris in Yale, Esq. (who served the office of sheriff in 1551), by Catherine, his wife, daughter of Harri Goch Salusbury, by whom he had issue: 1. Owen Brereton of Borasham married Sarah, daughter

and heiress of Edward Eyton of Park Eyton, Esq. II. Edward. III. Roger. iv. Catherine married to John Lloyd of Ddwyne. V. Jane.

vi. Margaret. lowing note : “ Richard y person Gwyn yr hwn y fu Abad

yn Aberconwy ac yn ei amser i trodd y Ffydd ac i colled ef ei le, ac a briododd ai fu wedi hynny Person Cerrig-y-Druidion.” Richard, the white parson, was abbot of Aberconway. In his time the faith was changed (at the Reformation), and he lost his office; and he married, and was afterwards parson of Cerrig-y-Druidion.

The direct male line of this elder branch of the Breretons of Borasham became extinct on the death of Owen Salusbury Brereton, Esq. in 1852, when the name of Salusbury was assumed by the late Sir William Lewis Salusbury Trelawny, of Trelawny in the co. of Cornwall, in accordance with the testamentary injunction of his cousin. As Edward Brereton died during the term of his office, Robert Sontley of Sontley, or Sonlli, was appointed to serve for the remaining portion of the year.

. Robert Sontley of Sontley, Esq., was the eldest son of Robert Soulli,of Soulli in the parish of Marchwiail, Esq., and Gainor his first wife, second daughter of Maurice ab Elis ab Maurice of Clenenau, co. of Carnarvon, Esq. He married Alice, daughter of William Fowler of Harnage Grange in the co. of Salop, Esq., by Mary his wife, daughter and heiress of John Blythe, Esq., M.D., by whom he had issue, six sons and four daughters :

1. Rubert, high sheriff in 1648. 11. Edward married to Dorothy, daughter of John

Braidley. III. Thomas, a merchant in London. iv. William married to daughter and heiress of

Robert Sonlli of Brondeg. V. Owen.

VI. John. vii. Elizabeth married to Edward Lloyd of Cefn-y-Fedw. VIII. Jane married to Lane, ix. Margaret.

x. Mary married to - Edgbury. This family is descended, through Cynwrig ab Rhiwallon, from Tudor Trefor.

Arms.—Quarterly, first and fourth ermine, a lion rampt. sable, armed and langued gules, for Cynwrig ab Rhiwallon; second and third, Tudor Trefor.

1599.Thomas Price of Yspytty, Esq., was the eldest son of Ellis Price, LL.D. (see p. 17). He was a celebrated poet, many of his poems being still preserved in MS. Some of them were published in the Cylchgrawn (Llandovery, 1834). He fitted out a privateer against the Spaniards, and afterwards served, as he tells us, in

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