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11. Robert.
111. Eubele.
iv. Richard married to Jane, daughter and heiress of

Elis ab Owen, of Branas-issaf in the parish of
Llandrillo, in Edeyrnion, Esq., and had issue,
Simon, who died, and left bis lands to Thomas

Thelwall of Plas-y-Ward. By his second wife he left issue: 1. Simon married to Gaenor, daughter of Ellis Price

of Plas Yolyn. 11. Elizabeth married (1) to Thomas ab Maurice ab

John; (2), to Edward Goodman ab Gawen Good

man of Ruthin. 111. Jane married to Edward Lloyd of Llys-Vassi, Esq.,

descended from Llywelyn ab Ynyr of lål. Arms, see 1590.

1573.Ellis Price of Foelas, LL.D. (for the fourth time. See p. 9.)

1574.Robert Wynn ab Cadwaladr of Foelus, Esq. (for the second time. See p. 8.)

1575.—Sir John Salusbury of Llyweni, Knt. (for the second time. See p. 2.)

1576.-Edward Jones of Cadwgan, Esq., was the son of John ab David ab Robert ab Gruffydd ab Howel ab Iorwerth Fychan, by Janet, his wife, daughter of Edward Morgan of Plas Bold, Esq. ; descended from Sanddef Hardd, lord of Morton. He was attainted of high treason, and deprived of his estate, by Elizabeth, in 1586, for endeavouring, with Thomas Salusbury of Llyweni, to release Mary Queen of the Scots. On the discovery of the plot Salusbury called at Cadwgan Hall, and was assisted by his friend to escape. Jones lent him a horse, and changed clothes with his priest, in order likewise to secure his safety. Salusbury fled into Cheshire, but was soon taken. Both friends suffered death together in London, Sept. 21, 1586. Jones declared with his last breath, that he owed his death to his fidelity to his friend Salusbury. He married Jane, daughter of John Wynn

1 Pennant, i, 397.

Deccaf, of Rhwytyn in the parish of Bangor-is-y-coed, by Maude, his wife, daughter of Ellis ab Richard of Alrhey, Esq., by whom he had issue, Dorothy, his heiress, married to Humphrey Ellis of Alrhey, Esq. This family descended, through Cynwrig ab Rhiwallon, from Tudor Trefor.

Arms. ---Quarterly, first and fourth ermine, a lion rampt. sable (Cynwrig ab Řhiwallon); second and third, Tudor Trevor.

1577.John Wynn ab William of Melai, in the parish of Llanfair-Talhaiarn, Esq., was the eldest son of William Wyun of Melai, by Alice, daughter of William ab Meredydd ab Rhys of Llanfairfechan, Esq. He was esquire of the body to Queen Mary, and married Elizabeth, daughter of John Puleston, Esq., and relict of Sir John Salusbury of Llyweni, Knt. This family descends, through Goronwy Llwyd ab y Penwyn of Melai, from Marchudd ab Cynan, founder of the eighth noble tribe of North Wales. John Wynn left an only son, William, who was high sheriff in 1586. (See that date.)

Arms.—Quarterly, first and fourth gules, three boars' heads erased in pale arg., for Goronwy Llwyd ab Y Penwyn; second and third gules, a Saracen's head erased at the neck arg., environed about the temples arg. and sable.

Lord Newborough now represents this family.

1578.- Pierce Holland of Fairdref, in the parish of Abergelau, Esq., was the eldest son of John Holland, Esq., by Catherine, daughter of Pierce Conway, archdeacon of St. Asaph. He married Catherine, daughter and heiress of Richard ab Ieuan ab David ab Ithel Fychan of Llaneurgain, by his second wife, Alice, daughter and heiress of Gruffydd Lloyd of Kinmael, Esq. ; descended from Ednyfed Fychan, Baron of Brynffanigl, etc.

The arms of the Lloyds of Kinmael were,-1, sable, a chev. inter three mullets arg., for Rhys ab Rotpert of Kinmael ; 2, gules, a chev. inter three mullets or, for Rotpert of Kinmael ; 3, Ednyfed Fychan, gules, a chev. ermine inter three Englishmen's heads in profile, couped ppr. (p. 16); 4, Machrudd ab Cynan.

1579.Thomas Morris of Ruthin (for the second time).

1580.—John Price of Derwen, Esq., only son of Rhys ab John ab Meredydd, Esq., and Margaret, his wife, daughter of Rhys, grandson of Llywelyn Gethin, Esq. He married Grace, daughter of Ffoulk Salusbury ab Pierce Salusbury of Ruthin, Esq. This family is descended from Trahaiarn Goch of Emlyn in South Wales.

Arms. - Argt., six bees ppr., 2, 3, 1.

1581.— Owen Brereton of Boras, otherwise called Plasy-Moras, or Borasham, in the parish of Wrexham, in Maelor Gymraeg, Esq., was the eldest son and heir of John Brereton of Borasham, Esq., by Margaret Wen, his wife, daughter and heiress of Richard ab Ieuan ab David ab Ithel Fychan, of Llaneurgain in the county of Flint; descended from Ednowain Bendew, founder of the seventh noble tribe of North Wales and Powys. He married Margaret, sister of Thomas Salusbury of Llyweni, Esq., who was executed for his share in the Babington conspiracy, 21 Sept. 1586 ; and daughter of John Salusbury, heir of Llyweni, and member of Parliament for Denbigh in 1554, and Catherine, his wife, daughter and sole heiress of Tudor ab Robert Fychan, of Berain in the parish of Llanyfydd, Esq. This branch of the Brereton family descends from William, second son of Sir Randle Brereton of Malpas in Cheshire, Knt., by his wife, Alicia, lady of Ipstans, daughter and heiress of William Ipstans, lord of Ipstans, son and heir of Sir John Ipstans, Knt., lord of Ipstans in the county palatine of Chester, by his wife, Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of Thomas Corbet of Wattlesborough, Esq., third son of Sir Robert Corbet, of Wattlesborough and Moreton Corbet in the county of Salop, Knt. (Harl. MS. 1396.) Sir John Ipstans died 17 Rich. II (argt, a chev. inter three crescents gules). Sir Thomas Corbet of Wattlesborough, Knt., bore or, two ravens proper ; 2, sable, an escarbuncle of eight rays or, for Tirret. By his first wife, Elizabeth, Owen Brereton had issue, nine sons and five daughters :

1 The Gwaunynog list gives “jeiij lloid ab Re” (Evan Lloyd); but the Denbigh list confirms the Harl. MS.

1. Edward, high sheriff in 1598. 1. John of Esclusham married to Margaret, daughter

of Hugh Wynn, of Wigfair in Meriadog, Esq., and relict of Robert Empson of London. He died the 24th of Jan. 1622, and was buried at Wrexham. His line is now represented by J. Youde William

Hinde, Esq., of Clochfaen. 111. Mary married (1) to Cynwrig Ashpool, Esq. ; (2),

Harri Jones. iv. Elen married to George Kywr of Plas Cadwgan, Esq. v. Dorothy married to Robert Trefor, Esq. vi. Catherine married to William Lloyd, of Plas Madog

in the parish of Rhiwabon, Esq. The Brereton family descends from William de Brereton, lord of Brereton in the county palatine of Chester A.D. 1125.

Arms.-Argent, two bars sable.
1582.Edward Hughes of Holt, Esq, Receiver.
1583.-Evan Lloyd of Yale, Esq. (for the second time.)

1584.- Pierce Owen of Abergelau, Esq., was the eldest son of John Owen of Garth-y-medd in that parish, and Elen, his wife, daughter of Pierce Coetmore of Llanllechid, Esq., by Alice, daughter of Sir William Grufffydd of Penrhyn, Knt. He married Catherine, daughter of Pierce Holland of Kinmael, Esq., by Catherine, his wife, daughter and heiress of Richard ab Ieuan ab David ab Ithel Fychan of Llaneurgain. (See p. 5.)

1585.Harri Parry of Maesglas and Basingwerk Abbey, or Dinas Basing, Esq., was the eldest son of Thomas ab Harri ab Cynwrig ab Ithel Fychan, Esq., and Elen, his wife, daughter of Howel Vaughan ab Howel of Llwydiarth in Powys, Esq. He married Margaret, daughter of Jenkin Hanmer, Esq. He had two daughters and coheiresses, one of whom, Anne, the eldest, married William Mostyn, Esq., junior, of Maesglas and Basingwerk Abbey, second son and eventually heir of Pierce , Mostyn of Talacre, Esq., by Elen, his wife. (See 1552.) His second daughter and coheiress, Margaret, married Morgan Brougton of Marchwiail. This family is descended from Ednowain Bendew.

Arms.Argent, a chev. inter three boars' couped sable.

1586.-- William Wynn of Melai, in the parish of Llanfair-Talhaiarn, Esq., eldest son of John Wynn of Melai, Esq., who was high sheriff in 1577. He married Elen, daughter and coheiress of his paternal cousin, Robert Vaughan of Henblas, by whom he had issue:

1. William, high sheriff in 1614. (See that date.) II. Owen. III. Sir Thomas Wynn, Knt. IV. John. v. Robert. vi. Richard o. s. p. VII. Gabriel. VIII. Morgan. IX. Jane married to David Lloyd, fourth son of Mere

dydd ab Goronwy of Dyffryn-Aled in the parish

of Llansanan, Esq. x. Mary. XI. Margaret. Arms.—Those of his father.

1587.'— William Almor of Almor and Pant Yochyn, Esq., was the only child of Edward Almor, Esq., high sheriff in 1557. He represented the county of Denbigh in the third Parliament of Queen Elizabeth, in 1572, and was married to Ellen, daughter of Pierce Puleston of Hafody-wern, by Catherine, his wife, daughter of Sir Thomas Hanmer of Hanmer, who was knighted after the taking of Terouenne and Tournay, 1513, by whom he had issue an only daughter and heiress, Jane, married to Gilbert Gerard, Esq., son and heir of Sir William Gerard, Knt., Chancellor of Ireland, by whom she had issue: William, Thomas, Emanuel, and John; Mary married to Thomas Wynn of Plas-Newydd; and Elizabeth.

The Almor family was descended from Eynydd, founder of the fourteenth noble tribe of North Wales and Powys, son of Morien ab Morgeneu ab Gwyrstan ab Gwaethfod of Powys. But other writers state that he was the son

1 The Denbigh list has Thomas Almor, but the Gwaunynog list has William.

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