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The Trefors or Trevors of Trefalyn were a branch of the Trefors of Bryncynallt, and were descended from Tudor Trefor.

Arms.—Party per bend sinister, erm. and ermines, a lion rampant or.

1611.Robert Sontley of Sontley, Esq. (See under 1598.)

1612.Simon Thelwall of Plas y-Ward, Esq. This gentleman was the eldest son of Edward Thelwall, Esq., high sheriff in 1590, by Dorothy, his first wife. He was twice married. By his first wife, Jane, daughter of Maurice Wynn of Gwydir, he had issue: 1. Edward, who succeeded his father, high sheriff in

1670. 11. Maurice, who was a captain at the siege of Chester.

He married Anne, daughter of Hugh Williams, and had issue: (1), Stephen ; (2), Robert ; (3),

Thomas. 111. Simon, who became vicar of Trawsfynydd. He mar

ried Gaenor, daughter of William Vaughan. He married, secondly, Dorothy, daughter of John Vaughan, of Llwydiarth in the county of Mont

gomery, Esq., by whom he had issue: 1. Owen, who married Mary, daughter and heir of

Edward Lloyd ab Hugh Lloyd of Blaen Ial. 11. Peter, a merchant of Bruges. III. James, of College, Cambridge, married Eliza

beth, daughter of William Robinson of Gwersyllt. iv. Jane, the wife of Edward Puleston of Llwyn-y

Cnotiau. v. Elizubeth, married to Robert Wynn of Eyarth.2

1613.Thomas Goodman of Plas Uchaf, in LlanfairDyffryn-Clwyd, Esq., was the eldest son of Gawen Goodman and Elen, his wife, daughter of Thomas Gruffydd of Pant-y-Llongdu, Esq., descended from Ednowain Bendew. He married, first, Lowry, daughter and heir of Thomas ab Maurice ab John ab Meredydd, by whom he

? Burke's Landed Gentry, art. “Griffith of Penpompren."
2 Add. MS. 9865,

had issue, (1), Simon Goodman, who sold Plas Uchaf to

Thelwall, Esq. Mr. Goodman's second wife was Penelope, daughter of Richard Glynton, of Drayton in the county of Salop, by whom he was the father of Charles Goodman, who married Rebecca, daughter of Richard Langford of Trefalyn, Esq. The issue of this marriage was an only daughter and heir, Penelope, who became the wife of Marmaduke Lloyd, of Newtown in the county of Montgomery, Esq., the son of Edward Lloyd of Newtown.1

1614.- William Wynn of Melai, Esq. This sheriff was the eldest son of William Wynn of Melai (high sheriff in 1586) by Elen, his wife. He married Mary, daughter and coheir of Sir Richard Clough of Plâs-Clough, near Denbigh, and of Maenan Abbey in the county of Carnarvon, Knt. By this marriage he became possessor of Maenan Abbey. He had issue, a son and heir, John Wynn, who married Dorothy, daughter of the high sheriff for 1609, and whose line is now represented by Lord Newborough.

1615.- Richard Williams of Ruthin, Esq. 1616.Thomas Powell of Horsley, Esq. (See 1591.) 1617.Thomas Needham of Clocaenog, Esq.

1618.-Robert Wynn of Berthdu, Esq., was the eldest son of Hugh Wynn Gruffydd of Berthddu, Esq., the sheriff for 1609. He married Catherine, daughter of John Gruffydd of Carnarvon, Esq., and was the father of Col. Hugh Wynn of Bodysgallen, who married Mary, daughter of Sir John Bodfel of Lleyn. The last representative of this family, the Rev. Hugh Wynn, by his wife, Catherine, daughter of Gruffydd Vaughan of Corsygedol, Esq., had a daughter and heir, Margaret, who married Sir Roger Mostyn, fifth baronet. By which marriage Sir Roger became possessed of Berthddu and Bodysgallen.3

1619.-Ffoulk Lloyd, Esq. The Denbigh list for this year has “ Foulk Myddelton of Llansilin, Esq.” The latter gentleman was the eighth son of Richard Myddelton,

2 Y Brython, v, 383. 3 Pennant, iii, 139.40.

i Harl. MS. 1964.


governor of Denbigh Castle, and brother to Sir Thomas Myddelton, lord mayor of London, and Sir Hugh Myddelton. In 1660 he was elected common councilman of Denbigh vice Col. George Twistleton disfranchised. He married Gwenhuyfar, daughter and heir of Richard Wynn, of Bodlith in Llansilin, Esq. His estate, in 1660, was valued at £600 per ann., and he was deemed fit and qualified to serve as a knight of the Royal Oak.

1620.- William Vaughan of Eyton, Esq.

1621.Hugh Meredydd of Pentre-bychan, in the parish of Wrexham, Esq., was the eldest son of Ellis Meredydd of Pentre-bychan, Esq., by Anne, his wife, daughter of Roger Myddelton of Plâs Cadwgan, who, in right of his wife, Anne, heiress of Cadwgan Hall, became possessed of that property, and transmitted it to its present possessor, Col. Biddulph of Chirk Castle. He married Mary, daughter of Francis Yardley, of Erbistock and Farndon, Esq., by whom he had issue three sons: 1. Ellis, who married Elizabeth, daughter of Hugh

Currer, Esq., of Kildwick in Yorkshire. He was the ancestor of the present Henry Warter Mered

ydd of Pentre-bychan. 11. Hugh. III. William. And two daughters, Elizabeth and Mary. This family is descended from Eunydd ab Gwernwy, lord of Dyffryn Clwyd and Trefalyn, chief of the fourteenth noble tribe of North Wales and Powys.

Arms. Azure, a lion rampant or.2

1622.—Sir Edward Trevor of Bryn-cynallt, Knt., was the son and successor of John Trefor of Bryn-cynallt, Esq., the son of Edward Trevor of the same place, descended, through Edward Trevor, constable of Whittington Castle, from Ednyfed Gam. Sir John was thrice married. By his first wife, Ann, daughter of Nicholas Ball, alderman of Dublin, he had issue:

i Camb. Quart., ii, 169. The Harl. MS. 2299 gives Gwenllian as his wife. 2 Landed Gento y, art.“

Meredith of Pentre-bychan.”

1. John Trevor of Bryn-cynallt, the father of Sir John

Trevor, Master of the Rolls. 11. Arthur, who became a judge. And two daughters, Frances and Eva. By his second wife, Rose, daughter of Henry Usher, Archbishop of Armagh, he had issue: 1. Mark Trevor, governor of Chester, who "wounded

the tyrant Cromwell in the face.” 11. Edward. And three daughters, Margaret, Sarah, and Magdalen." Sir Edward married, thirdly, Margaret, daughter of William Lloyd of Halchdyn, relict of Thomas Ireland, Esq., and of John Jeffreys of Acton, Esq.

1623.Ffoulk Lloyd of Foxhall, in the parish of Henllan, Esq., was the eldest son of John Lloyd of Foxhall, Esq., by Sybil, his first wife, daughter of Richard Glynn, Esq. A Ffoulk Lloyd occurs as bailiff of Denbigh in 1621, and alderman in the year 1622.2 This sheriff married Alice, daughter of Ffoulk ab Thomas ab Goronwy, Esq., by whom he had issue, a son, Hugh Lloyd, the sheriff in 1636.

Arms.—Quarterly or and arg., two roebucks passant countercharged of the field.

1624.Thomas ab Rhys Wynn of Giler, Esq., was the second son by Margaret his wife (daughter of Ellis ab William ab Gruffydd ab Jenkin) of Rhys Wynn the second son of Cadwaladr ab Maurice of Voelas, Esq., high sheriff in 1548. He married Elizabeth daughter of John of Penmachno in the county of Carnarvon, and was the father of Robert Price the high sheriff in 1658, together with another son John and three daughters.3

1625.--Sir Richard Grosvenor of Eyton, Bart. This gentleman was the eldest son of Richard Grosvenor of Eaton and Christian his wife daughter of Sir Richard Brooke of Norton Priory in the county of Chester. He was created a baronet 23rd February, 1621-2, served the office of sheriff for the county of Chester in 1624,

Ex. pedigrees by John Reynolds of Oswestry, 1739. 2 Anc. and Mod. Denbigh, 112.

3 Harl. MS. 1971.

was mayor of Chester and M.P. for the county in 1625. He married first Lettice second daughter of Sir Hugh Cholmondeley, Knt., by Mary his first wife, daughter and sole heir of Christopher Holford of Holford, Esq., by whom he had issue: 1. Sir Richard his heir married to Sydney daughter of

Sir Roger Mostyn, Knt. of Mostyn, in the county of Flint. He was a great sufferer during the civil wars, having had his landed property seques

tered.1 II. Christian married to Sir Francis Gamul, Knt. III. Mary and iv. Grace, both died unmarried.

Sir Richard married secondly Elizabeth daughter of Sir Thomas Wilbraham, Knt. of Woodhey; and thirdly, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Peter Warburton, Knt., and relict of Thomas Stanley, Esq., of Alderley, but had no issue by them. He died in 1615.

Arms.Azure, a garb or.


1626. George Bostock of Holt, Esq.
1627. Edward Price of Llwyn Ynn, Esq.

1628. Sir Henry Salusbury of Llyweni, Bart., was the eldest son of Sir John Salusbury of Llyweni, Knt., generally known as Sir John the Strong, M.P., for Denbighshire in 1597 and in 1601, by his wife Ursula, daughter of Henry Stanley, fourth Earl of Derby. Sir Henry was created a baronet November 18th, 1619, and married Hester daughter of Sir Thomas Myddelton of Chirk Castle, by whom he had issue: 1. Sir Thomas Salusbury the second baronet, who

married Hester daughter of Sir Edward Tyril,

Bart., of Thorndon in the county of Bucks, by 1 Burke's Peerage, art. “Westminster."

2 Charles I began to reign March 27th, 1625. Greater part of the shrievalty of the preceding sheriff fell within the first year of his reign. The king was proclaimed at Denbigh “upon Mondaie iiij daie of April by the aldermen.'

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