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an effectual bar to the attainment of

geographical knowledge. The pupil
may learn from his book that Portugal is
bounded in part by Spain, and in part
by the Atlantic, or that the Pyrenees are
the boundaries between France and Spain;
but if he have no map before him to
which he may refer, for the relative posi-
tion which one country bears to another,
the memory will be wearied, but the un-
derstanding cannot be informed.
How far these and other defe&s with
which a multitude of what are called
“Introdućtions orCuides to Geography,”
are chargeable, have been remedied in
the little book to which I have referred,
the public will judge for themselves. Mr.
Barrett will, in some respects, at least,
find in it, what he conceived were still
among the desiderata in this pleasing and
highly useful science.
Dec. 13, 1803. I am, &c.
A Consta N'r READER.

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