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Roll, because it is not mentioned here. Mr. A.'s Report on the state of the records under his care will be found in the Report of the Committee above-mentioned. The author of the New Catalogue of English living Authors, thus delineates the literary character of Mr.

A. In order to treat this subject (the character,

which he treats.

and reign of Henry VII.) with advantage, he has exerted himself to view it on every side; and it must be allowed that he exhibits it in a very comprehenfive survey. His learning, which is various, cannot escape observation; and his authorities in general are the best which could be found. His judgment, precision, and minuten-fo, are all to be highly commended. There is even a considerable spirit of philanthropy in his work; and in so far he advances himself beyond the character of a mere antiouary. He displays not, however, any splengour or brightness of genius. He is simple and judicious, but not original. He avails himself of the labours of others with an affiduity that ould not be wearied; and his collection of ficts, being numerous as well as exact, exhibits instructive openings into the important topics His work is chiefly for consultation, and serves to encourage rather than to supesede the enquiries of those who have a relish for the diolomatic science, and the tudy of antiquity. We prize his abour more than his invention; and are more forcibly flook with his patience than his ingenuity. in his language he is clear; and it is difficult to misunderstood the sentiments he conveys; oth has no where the expression of a master. The dryness of his manner suffers no interruption; it is cold, nerveless, and insipid; and he advances through his performance without osing into any strain of animation, and without any approach towards elegance J IM. Palmer, woos &eath was announced ** former Num!er, was descended from an ancent and respectable family, in Bedfordshire, in which county, and in Berkshire, there a,e now remaining several branches of the same family, possessing very considerable property. The fubject of this memoir, was born at Jekwell, in the parish of Northill, Bedfordshire, it is presumed, in July 1747, as the certificate of his baptism, taken from the parish register of Northill, is dated August 16, 1747. After receiving the usual elementary instruction, under the Rev. Mr. Gunning, at Ely, he was sent to Fion, where he spent four or five years; and o 175, he was entered at Queen's College, Cambridge. In 1769, he took the degree of B. A. In 1772, that of M. A. and in 1781, that of B. D. The exact time of his ordination do not appear, but he performed the duties *:Curate about twelve months, at Leatherhead, in Surrey. In a short time after he had taken tho last degree, he became dissatisfied with the coolines of the Church of England, and farther ouiry convinced him of the proper Unity of Co.; and that worship was alone due to him * the unrivalled Creator. In the year 1783, ***k leave of the College, and with that of ** connection with the Church in which he had ken educated. From Cambridge he went * Matrose, in Scotland. His motive for

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