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hall, to Miss Hewitt, eldest daughter of the
late J Hewitt, esq.
At Ashted, Lieutenant H. Leland Rose, of
the 7th or the Prince's Royal Dragoon Guards,
to Miss T. Holden.
Died.] At Birmingham, Mrs. Everton, of
the King's Arms public-house. .
Mr. E. Bristowe, mercer; a gentleman of
amiable manners in domestic life, and of pru-
dent respectable conduct in his public con-
Mrs. Wheatley.—Mrs. Pearce, widow of
the-late Rev. Mr. Pearce, minister of the Can-
non-street meeting.—Mrs. Robins, wife of
Mr. W. Robins, gilt bottle-stand maker.--
Mrs. Clarke, French teacher.
At Coventry, Mr. Patrick, baker.—Aged
86, Mrs. Dakin, relićt of the late Mr. Al-
derman Dakin —Mr. Allen Lapworth, fourth
son of Mr. J. Lapworth, filkmail.—Mrs.
Watts, widow, of Binley, near Coventry.—
Aged 84, Mrs. Holmes, of Hollebury End,
near Allesley.—Far advanced in years, Mrs.
Handcock, of Stoneleigh.-Mrs. Welch, of
Ashted.—Mr. E. Bridgwater, formerly a
schoolmaster of Dudleigh —Mr. Moore, of
Netherton.-Mr. Walker, of Bentley, near
Willenhall.-T. Willetts, gent, of Oldbury.
sh R or s h in e.
Married J Mr. Drummer, of Hackney,
near London, to Miss L. Scoltock, of Sutton,
near Shrewsbury.
At Oswestry, the Rev. Mr Ellis, to Miss
Roberts, of Maesgwyledd, Flintshire —Mr.
Jenkins, linen-draper, of Wrexham, to Miss
H. Griffiths, second daughter of Mr. Griffiths,
Died.]. At Shrewsbury, Mr. J. Corrie—
At the Talbot-inn, aged 79, Mr. H. Lingen,
descended from a very ancient family in Here-
fordshire —Mrs. Morris.-Mr. J. Gardiner.
-In his 18th year, Mr. T. Bailey, brother
of Mr. W. Bailey.—Mr. E. Upton, shoe-
maker.-Mr. Williams, sen. baker.
At Whitchurch, of a paralytic stroke, Mr.
J. Edge, shoemaker.
At the house of J. Maddock, near Shrews-
bury, the Rev. E. Leighton, eldest son of
the late B. Leighton, esq. and reëor of Car-
o, and of the second portion of Pontes-
ury. -
At Paisley, in North Britain, J. Hunter,
esq. nephew of the late Mr. Hunter, of
At Moreton Sea, in his 25th year, Mr. G.
Minor, late partner with Mr. Corser, mercer,
of Whitchurch.
Mr. J. Harris, of Moreton Corbett ; this
worthy man made a point of regularly paying
his workinen their weekly wages, on the Fri-
day evening, to prevent the necessity of their
:* to the mill or to shops, on the sabbath
At Bandon, in Ireland, lately, aged 84,
Mrs. De Courcy, mother of the late Rev.
Richard De Courcy.
Mr. Groome, of Smethurst-Miss M. Par-

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or cooling back would be his water-well,

which is fifteen feet diameter, and of a confiderable depth. Accordingly after much labour and expence, the worm was there fixed, so as to be constantly immersed by the waters of a copious spirit; and now the wurt runs from the copper to the bottom of the well, and returns again to the working-tun through a length of revolving pipe tue distance of

3oo feet. Married.]

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