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Mr. Younger's (old-stre ET) for a Method of extrading worts from MAL r, pakt EY, and other G RAIN and subst A Nc Es. Mr. Younger's invention may be thus describ-d:—the vessel in which the ingredients are put, from which the wor's are to be extracted, is to be guarded from the immediate action of the fire by which it is to be heated; and the proper degree of heat is to be communicated to it by boiling water, or any other liquid, which will receive and communicate the same degree of heat as water against the bottom, sides, or other parts of the vessel in which the ingredients are put. Let the caul ron or boiler, in which the substance is to be put, be immersed in another boiler containing water, and heated by a file or furnace. As this part of the apparatus has no claim to novelty, Mr. Younger has not given any particular description of it, and of course lays no claim to any exclufive privilege to it. The inner boiler is to be fixed at a convenient distance (say fix inches, if for two quarters of malt, &c.) from the bottom and fides of the outer one, and the two should be joined together at or near the tops. A cock may be made to pass from the inner boiler quite through the outer one. In the inner one, which serves as a mash-tub, a false bottom is advantageous, as are also agitators or stirrers, which may be worked either by machinery or hand. After the grain is bruised, it is to be introduced into the inner vessel, and a proper quantity of cold water added, viz. about seven or eight barrels of water to four quarters of malt. After the materials have been suffered to macerate, the outer boiler is then to be filled with water, and a very strong fire applied. The contents of the inner boiler should occasionally be stirred, and after the first extračt is drawn off, more water, at a heat a little below the boiling point, is to be introduced for the purpose of making up the length, or the quantity of worts. By this method the saccharine and other soluble inauter is more effectually extraćted from the malt, &c. the extract is obained free from acidity, and the beer will be much better than that made from worts, prepared in the usual manner. Worts may be extraćted in the same way for the malt distillery, and for making vinegar. Observations by the patentee.—It is an advantage in this mode of mashing, that the pores of the grain are so completely

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to A, the List of New Publications, contained in the Monthly Magazine, is the ONLY COMPLETE LIS I' PUBLISHED, and consequently the only one that can be useful to the Public for purposes of general reference ; it is requested, that Authors and Puoli hers will continue to communicate Notices of their Works (post paid), and “ey will alway be faith ully inserted FREE of EXPENCE.

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h r R a L to R Y. The New Baronetage of England; con

taining as well a concite Genealogical His

tory, as an Account of the present State and Alliances of the English Baronets, and Baronets of Great-Britain, from the Institution of the Order in 161 I to the Union with Ireland; with a List of the Baronets created since that Period. 2 vols. (uniform with Debret's Peerage); with Arms engraved. 15s, boards. H is to R Y. Notes of the Transactions in the Mahratta Empire, dated Fort William, 15th December, 1803 ; with official Documents. Printed uniformly to bind with Dirom and Reation's Campaigns in India : illustrated with Engravings of the different Actions. 4to. 11. 1 s. boards The History and Life of King James VI. written towards the latter Part of the Sixteenth Century. Printed from an authentic MS. and is the genuine Publication of what David Craufurd of Drumsoy interpolated and published, under the Title of “Memoirs of the Affairs of Scotland.” 8vo. 1 os. boards. The Life of George Washington, Commander in Chief of the American Forces, during the War which established the Independence of his Country, and First President of the United States; compiled under the Inspection of the Hon. Bushrod Washington, from original Papers, bequeathed to him by his deceased Relative : to which is prefixed, a View of the Colonies planted by the English on the Continent of North America, from their first Settlement By John Marshall, Chief Justice of the United States, &c. The first or preliminary Volume, (it being supposed that the entire Work will extend to four or five Volumes, to be published as fast as time Purchasers of the English Copy-right fhall receive the Manuscript from America), dedicated, by Permisiion, to the Marquis of Lanslowne ; embellished with a Portrait by Fittler, from Stuart's Picture, a View of Mount Vernon, and Maps of the United States. 4to 11. 1 is 6d, boards. The same Volume in 8vo. 1 os. 6d. boards. Philips. The History of Canada, from its first Discovery ; comprehending an Account of the original Establishment of the Colony of Loui4 I 2 sianas

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