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Mr. Joseph HUDD ART's (1st, INGto N) for a new Mode of making great cABLEs, &c. so as to attain greater Strength, by a more equal Distribution of the Strain upon the Yarns. HE method adopted by the patentee cannot be explained to the general reader without the use of several figures. But having described the various parts of the machinery and implements to be used, the operation is as follows.-The bobbins, which are made something in the form of the barrel in a watch on which the chain runs, being all wound full of yarn, they are put upon the spindles, and the ends of the yarns led through small holes and ends of the spindle. One end of the spindle is put into the end of the axis, and the other end dropped into a notch in the rail; then some of the yarn is drawn off, and the springs regulated, till of equal force and sufficiently tight. The yarns are then to be drawn off, leaving that from the bobbin long enough to reach the fore-part of the machine, where it is to be knotted to the yarns of the strand,

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#3. As the List of New Publications, contained in the Monthly Magazine, is the ONLY COMPLETE LIST PUBLISHED, and consequently the only one that can be useful to the Public for purposes of general reference; it is requested that Authors and Publishers will continue to communicate Notices of their iParis, (post paid), and they will alway be faithfully inserted FREE of EXPENCE.

bio G R A Ph. Y. Sketches of the Lives and Chara&ters of eminent English Civilians; with an Enumeration of the whole Series of Academic Graduates admitted into the College of Advocates for nearly three Centuries past, 4s, sewed,

The profit on this publication will be given to some of the poor inhabitants of Castle Baynard ward. Memoirs of the Life of Dr. Darwin, from his Settlement at Litchfield, to his Removal to Derby ; with Anecdotes of his Friends, and

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M EDI c. A L. John Gottleib Wailer's Plates of the Thoracic and Abdominal Nerves, as published by Order of the Royal Academy of Sciences at Berlin, accompanied by coloured Explanations, and a Description of the Par Vagum, Great Lympathetic and Phrenic Nerves. 4to, 18s. boards. A Treatise on Cheltenham Waters, and Bilious Diseases. To which are prefixed, Observations on Fluidity, Mineral Waters, and Watering Places. By Thomas Jameson, M. D. 8vo. 6s. boards. A View of the Central House of the Royal Jennerian Society in London; and a Landscape, including a Pillar to National Genius; accompanied with Letter-press, exhibiting the Formation of this National Institution; Dr. Jenner's History of the Vacciolous Inoculation, with his Portrait, &c. Sheet Imperial Paper. Is. 6d, M1 LITAR Y. The Complete Discipline of a Brigade of Infantry, in Conformity to the Principles laid down in His Majesty’s Regulations, Illustrated by Copper-plates. With Remarks, she wing how the Evolutions of the Battalion, and of the Brigade, combine with those of the Line, and how the Whole apply to the general Purposes of War. By Major James Cunningham. 4to, 18s, boards. A Delineation of the probable Mode of Operations of the French Armies for the Conquest of the British Empire. An Explanation of all the Aéts of Parliaments relative to Volunteer Corps, in an Opinion given by the Honourable Thomas Erskine. 6d. A Letter to the British Volunteers, J. G. Semple Lifle. 1s.

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