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were taken on the field of battle. On the tenant-colonel Powell, with the affiftance. 14th, Bourquien, and four other French of Rajah Himmut Bahadur, an officer unofficers surrendered themselves prisoners of der the Peishwah. war.

On the 16th, General Lake paid a In consequence of these successes, Daow.' first visit to the Emperor Shah Aulum. lut Rao Scindia sent to negotiate peace on On the 4th of October, General Lake ap- such terms as should be acceprable to the peared before the fortress of Agra. The English. The Governor-general has sent approaches to the fortress were defended dispatches to communicate the fortunes of by fome battallions of the enemy, which, the war to the Company's Government in after a gallant refiftance agreed to furrender, England. thanks of the two Houses and were received as prisoners of war, in of Parliament, and of the Courts of Directhe British camp, on the 13th. Agra was ors and Proprietors of the India Company, surrendered, by capitulation, on the night have been voted to him and to the Commanof the 17th. The remainder of the French der in Chief; to Majors-generals Wellesley army, about 19,000 men with seventy-four and St. John ; to the officers, and to the pieces of artillery, retreated before the whole army. The entire destruction of the Britiíh till they were overtaken at Lafwa- French inierest in India is believed to ree. In a desperate action, the enemy loft have been effected. The Emperor Shah all their guns: 2000 of them were made Aulum and the Peilhwah are expected prisoners: and the relt are believed to to be restored 10 authority and possesions have perished on the field of battle. in which they shall prove bulwarks to the

The province of Berndeland, was, in the British power. mean time, successfully occupied by Lieu.

From the 20th of April to the 20th of May.
Admitted under the Care of the Physicians of the Finsbury Dispensary,





No. of Cases. has seen, and that of London, which he TRYSIPELAS

is conftantly in the habit of seeing, there Hæmoptysis

14 exists in the generality of cases an impor- . Rheumatismus


tant practical distinction. The former, Catarrhus

39 for the inolt part exhibits characteristics of Scrophula

active inflammation; the latter, those of poPhthifis Pulmonalis Tuss et Dyspnea

fitive debility or decay. The one of course Diarrhea

6 requires sedatives and the various means Amenorrhea


of evacuation, the other the application, Menorrhagia

both externally and internally, of exciting Hypochondriasis et Dyspepsia

19 and invigorating remedies. Cases of eryHysteria

2 sipelas, though sometimes regarded as fure Epilepsia

2 gical, fall more properly within the deAnasarca

partment of the physician. The fact is, Asthenia

that cutaneous affections in general ought Morbi Infantiles...


to be regarded not as diseales in them. Eruptiones Chronica.

25 selves, but merely as indices of a disealed The various modifications of Erysipe- ftate of the constitution, which is fre. las have occurred with peculiar frequency quently reitored 10 its natural health and during the last month. Conceining the vigour by encouraging, rather than checknature of this disease there has existed a ing or re-arding, the progress of a superfi, considerable diversity of opinion ; but this cial eruption. It is likewise worthy of probably arises from an actual difference remark, that the same appearance on in the nature of the disease itself occurring the surface of the skin sometimes arises at different periods, and in different si- from one, and sometimes from an oppotuations. Between the erysipelas of Edin- fite morbid condition of the syitem. burgh, for instance, which the Reporter The ignorance of the medical attend


I 2

ant, with regard to this matter, cannot the diaphragm, and thus contracts the fail to be of serious, and perhaps fatal, thorax, and prevents the free exercise of injury to his patient.

the pulmonary organs. If it were an Since the publication of the last Report, idiopathic disease of the lungs it would the writer was called, in the middle of the have been chronic, and without intermisa night, to a lady who was seized suddenly fion, whereas it occurs only after interwith the symptoms of an apoplectic pa- vals of different duration, and in general roxysm. Though there was in her habit at periods when the stomach had been too an evident predisposition to the diseale, copiously replenished. As it generally octhe immediate caule seemed to have been curred in the evening, the patient fancied the having eaten the evening before a that it was produced by the evening air, very hearty fupper; a meal in which, by but, in fact, it arose merely from the cirmedical prescription, the scarcely ever had cumstance of the evening being afer his indulged. It is often ".entioned in the dinner, the only meal which he relished, public papers, as remarkable, that a per- and after which he was in the habit of fon has been found dead in his bed after indulging in liberal and sometimes inehaving partaken, with a more than usual briating potations. appetite, his evening repaft; a circum In iwo instances of intermittent fever, fance which, so far froin making the. which have of late occurred within the event curious, fufficiently accounts for its province of the Dispensary, opium in lieu premature occurrence. Emetics are often of bark has been made use of with degiven, but are never proper in a sudden cided efficacy and advantage. The emattack of this disease, as they inevitably ployment, however, in ague of this inproduce a violent determination to the estimable drug is not ablolutely novel head, at the moment when its vessels are practice. already dangerously distended; even bleed, What at the present time surprizes us ing is sometimes of dubious utility. The as discoveries in medicine, will, upon enpartial accuniulation more rarely arises quiry, be found in more instances than from a superabundance of blood than one to have been familiar to the practifrom a want of power in the vessels to ' tioners of former periods. Important imdiftribute it regularly and impartially provement in this region of physical scithrough the trunk and all the extremi ence is perhaps more likely to arise from a ties of the frame. In many cases, there- . diligent research into what has been al. fore, we ought to have recourse to stimu- ready done, than by the utmost and most lation rather than to evacuation.

successful exercise of modern imagination Instances of this disease occur where or ingenuity. brandy would cure, and bleeding infalli. In a melancholy case, where there was bly destroy. When it arises, as it often no chance of life, the Reporter scrupled does, from a burden on the stomach, or not, at the request of the patient, to deretention of matter in the intestinal canal, clare the exact nature of his situation. the tymptoms are more safely and as ef- The fear of deaih, no doubt in many fe&tually relieved by the administration of cases, accelerates : he event; but this ciia glyíter, or other modes of gentle purga, cumstance, although it ought to regulate tion, than by those remedies which act the time and modity the manner in whicla more immediately and violently upon the the truth should be cold, cannot justity in Itomach

any instance a direct violation of veracity. Anether case in the private practice of That principle may be compared to the the Reporter has recently occurred, which, principle of gravity; the latter sometimes by the patient himself and foriner medical may kill, and frequently occasions im. aitendants, was considered as hydrotho. portant mischief: but unless we felt an rax, or what is more commonly called wa entire reliance upon the invariable action ter in the cheft; but, after due examina- of that principle, it would be impossible tion, and reflecting at leisure on the na- * for us to reason with certainty, or to stir ture of the lymptoms, there appears every a ftep in life, without uncealing anxiety reason to believe that it is not a disease of . and alarm. the lungs themselves, but of the stomach,

J. REID, which, unnaturally diítended by a habit Southampton-row, Rufel-Square, of inordinate ingurgitation, presses upon May 26, 1804.



201b of April and ibe 20tb of May, extracted from the London Gazette.


BANKRUPTCIES. The Solicitors' Names are between Parentbeles. ACKLAM: William Beverley, tanner (Lowodes asid Arrow finith, James, Stockport, baker (Bullivant, Ber.

nd freet, Brentwick Square Beil, williani, Southampton ftreet, Covent garden, ho

fier (Paimer and Tomlinson, Warnford court, Throg.

Inorion street Baifour, Janes, Russell court, hoemaker (Carpenter

and Guy, New inn Beatrie, William, St. Paul's Church yard, pocket-book

maker Richardfon, Monument yard Brooks, William, Bideford, Mopkeeper (Pearson, Pump

Court, Temple Eradley, Saneel, Holbora, victualler (Hebden, Inner

Temple Bland. Francis, I sebam, thopkeeper (Browns and Goto

bed, Norfolk ftreer Brown, Henry Wilson, Cannon Areet, Shoe manufactu

rer Warrand, Arundel freet Black, John Henley, Lamb's Areet, Spitalfields, oil and

Colourman (Score, Garlick hill Brain, Steptier, Pile marih, Glocelter, coal-miner (Bland

Bord and Sueet, Inner Teinple Buthell, Williams, Cannon-treet, grocer (Lee, South

wark Eunzite Jolin, Wapping, victualler (Robinson, Ber

money Cook, William, Cannon Arcet road, mariner (Nind,

Great Preicot Atreet Cooper, Thomas, Leatherhead, corochandler (Burt,

Gould fouare, Crutuled friais Coombe, William, Quce.. ti reet, warehouseman (Pullen,

Fore treet Corleti, Thu Friday freet, warehouseman (Walker,

Coleman ftreet Cannan, Michaci, Little Cheapfide, Sun ftreet, cheere.

monger (Edmund, Hatton garden Carritt, Eduard, Louth, Sauler (Dyneley and Sons,

Gray's inp Corbyn, Thomas, Cheapfide, draper (Scott, St, Mil.

dred's court Coulitring, Thomas, Brifto!, cydermerchant (Blandford

and Sweet, Inner Temple Dickinson, Thorcas, Manchefter, builder (Foulkes, Bury

piace, Bloomnibury Daltor, Richard, Church Areet, Kensington, Carpenter

(EAwards, Red lion fquare Dobr. ). John, Leeds, merchant (Bartye, Chancery lane Dalrymple, John, Ruffel street, Bermondsey, corndealer

(Broad, Union Greet Dymoke, Robert, Temple mills, Stratford, Callico prin.

ter ( Humphreys, Token house yard Driminy, Robert, Great George firect, Minories, taylos,

(Burt, Gould square, Crutched friars Dodafon, Joseph, Milthorpe, horsedealer (Clarkson, Ellex

street, Strand Dutton, Joha, Catherine court, Tower hill, fipbroker

(Wards, Dennets, and Greaver, Henrietta ftreet Debreit, John, Piccadilly, booklellér ( Dawsou, Warwick

freet, Golden Square Elliota, William, Beverley, tanner (Lowndes and Lam.

bert, Red lion 1quare Edwards, John and George Manvell, Cace Coch, Flint,

manufacturer of earthen ware (Howard, Henrietta

ftreet Lait, Edward, St. George's Crescent, St. George's fields,

cuachmaker ( Cockayne and Tay, or, Lyon's inn. Finaingley, Edward, Thurne, miller Ruller, Kırby street,

Hatton garden Figgins, France, Stockport, upholfcrer (Swale, New

Borwell court Field, john, Watford, miller (Edge, King's Bench walk,

Temple Green, William, Romford, linendraper ( Atkinson, Caftle

freet. Falcon square Green, Charles, and Samuel Marsland, Heaton, Norris,

I ancaster, cotton Ipinners ( Ellis, Curfitor fireer Gwynn, John, Alborne, fuftianmaker (Berry and King,

Meara's ftreet, Soho Greetham, Simon, Bedale, shopkeeper (Dyneley and Sons,

Gray's inn Gover, John, and James Hardum, Rotherhithe, patent

gun carriage makers (Wood, St. Bartholomew's hor.

pital Gloffop, Benjamin, Repham, beaft-jobber (Foulkes, Bury

place, Bloomsbury Hart, Thomas, Briñol, merchant (Hill, Meredith, and

Robbilis, Gray's inn Hill, Jubin, Careaton treet, warehouseman, trading in the

firin of J. Hill and Co. (Macdougall and Hunter,

Lincoln's inn New square Harles, Robert, Maidfone, woollendraper (Exsex freet,

Sirand Heawood, Elisha, Heaton-norris, Manchefer, and James

Roberts, Stockport, cotton spinners (Bullivant, Ber.

nard freet, Brunswick square Hutchinfon, Williar., Wakefield, hardwareman (Sykes

and Koowics, Borwell court, Lincoln's inn

HUL, Samuel, Addle Areet, merchant (Sellers, Crown

Office row, Temple Hewlett, William, vile, Southwark, druggit (Vander

com, Buth lang Holmdeo, Sarah, Seven Oaks, miller (Poole, Sergean's Hayes, John, Maidstone, paper maker (Debary an,

Cope, Paper buildings, Temple Hartley, George, Colne,

callico inanufacturer, Langhora, Gray's inn Hatfull, Jaines, Deptford, Smith (Evilt and Rixos,

Haydon Square Hutchiton, Wuliam, Little Eaf Cheap, merchant (Ward

Dennetts, and Greaves, Henrietta Areer Coveat

garden Hardcastle, John, Knottiņgley, merger (Evans, Thavics

inn Hargrave, Williain, Kinton, fome mason (Harvey and

Robinson, Lincolu's inn Jones, Jisac, Wellbury upon Trym, vi&ualler (Kinder

ley, Long, and Ince, Symond's ind King, Jeremiah Marthail, Brittol, dealer (Tarrant and

Moule, Chancery lane Keeble, Henry Athley, Peckham, builder (Smith, York

buildings. Bermondsey New Road Knipe, Bateman, New Bond fireet, wigmaker (Dixon,

Naslau Atreet, Soho Levi, Henry, Ramigare, dealer (Cockayne and Taylor,

Lyon's inn Louis, Louis, Oxford street, grocer (Lane, Red Lion

square Lecle, Clough, Leopard's court, Baldwin's gardens, drug.

gift (Gregfon, Angel court, Throginotion street Lee, Paul, South Shiclds, drucgift (Nelson, Madox ftreet Ludlow, Williarn, jun. Andover, wine merchant (John.

fon and Gafnell, Gray's inn Ludlow, Willian Arnold, Andover, grocer (Breinridge,

Inner Temple Mort, Thomas, and John Broadhurst, Manchester, cotton

Spinners (Ellis, Curfitor street Milner, John, Morley, woolfapler (Lambert, Hattoq

garden Mills. Mary, Newington causeway, cooper (Bishop,

Wood Atreet Metcalfe, Cuthbert, Kighiey, money scrivener and cotton

manufacturer, partner with john Horsfall, of Culling. worth, cotton manufacturer, in the firm of Horsfall

and Co. (Blunt, old Pay ofice, Broad Atreet Nattrafs, Jobin, St. John's chapel, Durhain, innkeeper,

Atkinson, Chancery lane Noble, James, Kensington gravel pitts, brewer Pratt,

Gray's ind square Naern, Thomas Wapping Arcet, baker (Burt, Gould

square, Crutched friars Pendleton, Robert, Lancaster, merchant, late of the Nang

of Trinidad, and partner with John Benfon and Niven Moore, of Lancaster and Jofeph Wilkinson of the

Iland of Trinidad (Macon and wilfun, Lancaster Privatt, Richard, Leicetter place, auctioneer (Salkeld,

Hatton garden Parkinson, Robert, Deal, druggift (Holines, mark lane Pirts, Williain, Bolton, facking manufacturer (Allea and

Exley, Furnival's ion Parish, James, Thomas Parith, James Stafford, and Tho.

mas Hardwic, Holloway's end, Scafford, plats manu.

facturers (Taylor, Southampton buildings Pellard, William Thomas, Aldenhain, farmer (Hurle,

Cloak lane Quarton, John, High Catton, dealer (Hall and Bell, Bow

laue Richardfon, Peter, Wakefield, woollapler (Allen and

Exley, Furnival's inn Rankin, Richard, Lettwick, and William Ohell, Liverpooin

merchants (Huxley, Temple Riding, Grace, and william Riding, Andoyer, linendra.

pers (Kinderley, Lung, and Ince, Symond's inn Robinson, James, Liverpool fiiverimith, (Kearfcy, Hare

court, Temple Reynolds, Charles, Norwich, woollendraper (Steward,

Nerwich Snowden, John, Plyinouth, draper (E. and T. Dawes,

Angel court, Throgmorton treet Simon, Louis. Great Bath ftreet, Cold Bath fields, watch

manufacturer (Rullen, Crown court, Aldersgate

ftreet Sandbach, William, Northwich, mhopkeeper (Chethire

and Walker, Manchetter Scott, John, and Charles Stewart Bisfett, Liverpool, lie

quor merchants (Lace and Hafell, Liverpool Sanderfon, Robert, Pal!gravé place, money icrivener.

(Conttable, Symond's int Thompson, William, Birmingham, Aonemason (John.

fton, Temple Tucker, Ewens, Debrford, Tallowchandler (Dugleby,

Old City chambers Todd, George, King's road, Sloane square, builder (Rich

ardfon, New inn Twycross, Robert Harcourt, Brook Areet, jeweller.

(Mayhew, Pulteney Atreet, Golden Square Varley, śamuel, Wett Burton, Bedaic, húsier (Barretts,

Holborn court, Gray's inn Walford, Richard, Cheiter, porter brewer [Battye, Chan. cery lane


Watmore, William, New Windsor, innkeeper (Hurd,

King's Bench walk, Temple Walker, George, Braintree, shopkeeper (Luxmore, Red

Lion square Willett, Wilmer Mackett, Ruthforth hall, Bingley, cotton

Spinner (Ellis, Curfitor itreet Wootton, Charles, Bath, milliner ( Cuttwell, Bath Witherington, Charles, Rofs, vintner (junes, Gray's

inn square White, Jofeph Smith, Witham, miller (Tyrrel and

Francis, Guildhali

DIVIDENDS ANNOUNCED. ALEXANDER, John, South Lambeth, coal merchant,

May 26. Alderson, Thomas, Middleton, cornfactor, June 6. Bartier, John Ralph, and John Jacob Zornlin, Devonshire

square, merchants, May 29 Bevington, Timothy, Worcester, dealer, May 12 final. Benson, James, Greville Areet, painter, May 12. Barker, Thomas, Brick wall, Haifield, victualler, May 26. Bevington, Samuel, Gracechurch Areet, merchant, June

s, final Bevan, Thomas, Haverfordwell, thopkeeper, May 23. Brydon, John, Charing crofs, printfeller, June 3, final. Burke. Jono French, Caunon-ftreet, shipowner, May 26. Booth, Thomas, and Thomas Ireland Blakeley, dyers,

May 30, and separate estate of Booth, lame day Barehain, Charles, Stowmarket, butcher, May 28 Bristow, Charles, Newgate street, linendraper, June 23. Burke, Jos. and Edward Newton, Thavies inn, inerchants,

June 12, Burton, Edmund, Daventry, money fcrivener, June 7 Bayley, William, Wakefield, ironmonger, May 28, final. Bichnell, Samuel, fen, and Samuel Bichaeli, jun. Suuthe

wark, fuapboilers, June 23. Cother, Benjamin, Wotton under Edge, clothier, May 16,

final. Cowley, Henry, and Joseph Taylor, Gainsburgh, mer

chants, May 23. Curling, Benjamin, Stephen, Portland place, Clapham

road, fonemafou, May 26, Colombine, Francis, David Colombine, David Colombine,

jun. and Peter Colombine, jun, merchants, joint ef

tate, June 15, and separate eftate of each, June 16. Cripwell, Thomas, Ruddington, hofter, May 18. Crook, Obadiah Thomas, Weybridge, cimber dealer,

May 19. Collingdon, John, Plough court, Lombard freet, mer.

chant, May 22. Collings, Henry, and Richard Ireland Gifford, St. Philip

and Jawi, Gloucester, skinners, separate estate of Collings, le para e estate of Gifford, and joint efate, all

on June 20. Cowen, George, Hoxton town, oil and colourman, June 1. Dixon, Thomas, Godalming, ijmber merctrant, June 5. Drake, William, Ratcliff nighway, draper, June 9. Dunne, Charles, Durweltor ireet, furgeon, May 19, final. Danfon, George, and Abraham Simon Doncher Čuvelje,

Lancaster, brokers, June 4. Dawes, George, Rood lane, brandy merchant, May 29. Imerfon, James, bitton, brass, and spelter maker, June 2. Fletcher, Solomon, Manchester, linendraper, May 18, Farquhar, Juhn, late of Cavendith court, now of Win

chefter breet, merchant, June 9, final. Fawcett, Thomas, Chirwell ftreet, brandy merchant,

June 5: Fower, William, Heywood, innkeeper, May 30. Field, Benjamin, Union Atrect, Bishopsgate, upholderer,

June 12, final. Forbes, Francis, Blackman ftreet, druggift, June 30. Gardener, Samuel John, Pitt street, corn dealer, June gi Gowan, Geurge, Great Ormond ftreet, merchani, [partner

with Thoinas Gowan and Matthew Coats Horsley,

both of Calcutta] June 12, final George, Benjamin, Pope's Head ailey, Needly and Fina

book inaker, june 2, final. Gruniefun, Charles, Abchurch lane, merchant, June 19. Gwynne, David, Frith itreet, taylor, June 5:

of ot Marden Áth, Knight, bankers, feparate estate of

each, May 15. Hancox, Edward, Dudley, banker, May 25, 26, 28, 29. Hook, Jofeph, Bermondsey ftreet, leather dretler, May 18. Howard, Bradford, Wilts, carpenter, May 21. final Hook, James, and 'William Turner, Bridge foot, Westmin.

tter, coal merchants, May 26. final. Harker, Daniel Winchcomb, soapboiler, May 28. Hayward, Walter, New Sarum, clothier, May 30. Hall, Charles, Elierton, horfe jobber, June 13final. Hatterney, Richard, Doncatter, grocer, June 6. Hamilton, James, and William Tufkingtou, Finch lans,

merchants, June 9. Johnson, John, and Joseph Cullingworth, Leeds, joicers,

May 24. Jay, Joshua, Norwich, coal merchant, May 3o. Ivory, Richard, St. Clement, Oxford, upholder, June 11. Key, William, Duke treet, Aldgate, man's mercer, May

11. final. Xishaw, Jobe, Wakefield, druesit, May 28, fina!

Kenyon, Joseph, Wakefield, linendraper, June 18, final Lake, William, ( partner with Johu Litt) Bishopsgate &rcet

inerchaat, May 16, Leeman, Joseph, of Peterborough, linendraper, Sune s. Littler, Jofeph, st. Cleinent's Danes, Jeweller, July . Lonsdale, Nathaniel, and Thomas Thoinplou, bedford

Areet, Covent garden, woolleudrapers, June 9. Moreley, James, and Jaines Rofe, Birmingham, factors

May 16, and separate estate of Moseley, la ne day, Macklan, Thomas, Rumford, inukec per, May 29. final. Moore, Richard, Halesworth, linendraper, May 18. Medley, Edward, Parliament Groet, money (crivenery

May 26. Maofon, Thos. Token-house yard merchant, May 26.

final M'Henry, Bernard, stra: ford upon Avon, mercer, May 22. Medford, Macall. Finsbury {quat, merchant (partner

with John Lille, Jun. of Philadelphia) May 26. Mefie, stanlias Grandclos, Finsbury place, merchant

(trading in the form of Grandclos, Merle, Fils, and

Co. Junes. Morison, Alex, Walbrook, merchant, June 2: Nanfan, Thoinas, manchester, warehousemaa, May 15. Nimino, Henry, Bristol, merchant, May 19 Noble, Joseph, Walthamfow, brewer, June S. fical, Nixon, James, Princesitreet, Hanover iquare, ironmonger

June 2. Nicholls, Walier, Bristol, roapboter, June g. Ovens, Jann. Cardiff, Tanner, May 16. Offner John Paui, Kingfland road, brewer, Jane s. Ocearson, Arnold, Fenchurch Atreet, merchant, June 19. Ornies, Edward, Southwark, checiemonger, June 21, Powell, William, William Sutton, and Michael Ward,

Leeds, merchants, May 14: final. Peach, Robert, Wakefield, wwolftapler, May ro. Parker, Jofephi, Glamford Briggs, mailter, May 18. Parker, Richard, Little Argyle Atreet, Athmonger and po

tatoe merchant. Perkins, John, Huntingdon, banker, May 23. Plowes, John, Leeds, merchant, May 23. Ptvice, Johri, Lower Thames itreet, Fisnmonger, June su Pyne, Thomas, Southwark, vi&ualler, May 31, Powell, William, Shepton Mallet, innholder, June 4. final Parflee, John, Holt, bookfehler, May 31. fina. Pearson, William, Sunderland, printer, June 12: Prart, Peter, Hart Atreet, Bloomibury, glass feller, June 12. Roth well, John, Nottingham, hofier, May 18. Rufforth, Benjamin, Marshall Hall, aná Williain Rufe

forth of Crowttorne hall, May 21. Robinson, James, Crosby square, merchant, June 19. Richings, Stephen and Sumerfet Bichings, Oxford, glovers,

June 5. Reeve, Edward, Leeds, linendraper, June 2, final. Smirthwaite, Geo. Bush lane, merchant, May 12. final. Sharples, Robert, Anderton, shopkeeper, May 10. Simmonds, John, Canterbury, lincndraper, June Si final. Siarcy, Thomas, Newgate ftreet, wholesale lineodraper,

June 53 Self, Stephen, Halesworth, cornmerchant, June 11. Sheppard, Samuel, Marlborough Aree:, victualier, Jüne so Sommervail, James, Liverpool, merchant, June 9 Smith, Peter, Farnbill, thailoonmaker, june 11. ligal, Taylor, John, Marchelier, merchant, May 18. Taylor, Edward, Biachburn, linendraper, June 7. Tuther, Thos. Perry, Holborn hill, linendra per, May 26. Tomlins, William, Bridge road, Lambeth, coachanaker,

May 29. Taylor, Thomas, Birmingham, draper, June 2, ficat, Thompson, Francis, Bow lane, warchouleman, May 5 214

June s. Travis, Jofeph, and Peter Nevill, Bolton-le-moors, mul

lin inanufacturers, June 1. Towes, William, Gracechurch freet, Aationer, Jutie so

final. Turner, Samuel, jun. Laytontone, farmer, Juge az. Townsend, John, Ludgate nill, lacemas, June 9. Waring, Samuel, Pershire, miller, May 22. finaí. Ward, Joseph, Brentwood, publican, May 18. Waurock, Charles, and John Henry Lutterlon, Mark lane,

merchants, June 5. Whitaker, John, and James Pitt, Birmingham, coach.

makers, May 31. Warrer, George, Coventry street, upholder, May 18. White, Thomas, White yard, Rolemary lane, cooper,

June 2 Vilton, Richard, Bread freet, June 5. Walley, Thomas, Liverpool, merchani, June s. Windcit, James, Norwich, grocer, June 14. Wilde, Jantes, John Watts, and Jobo Baddy, Upper

Thames fti eet, lugar refiners, June 9, 1eparate eitate

of Watts. Wet, John, Somers' place, Eat, plaisterer, Junc 2. Warner, Overy, Marlborough, ftocking ipanufacturer,

June 8. final Welimacot, Richard, Mount Atreet, sculptor, Juge 9.. Walton, James, Anton under line, cotton spinner, juos

15. Whirly Thomas, Making place, Halifax, merchant, June

11. Young, James, Southampton, linendraper, Juae s.



With Biographical Memoirs of diffinguisbed Characters recently deceased,


At Waltham-abbey, aged 88, T. Fellop, erq. At St. George's, Hanover-square, Jos. Jelo formerly of Thurnscoe-hall, in the county of licoe, efq. of Fenchurch-street, io Miss Leigh, York, but who refided for the laft fifty years daughter of Egerton Leigh, esq. of High of his life at Waltham-abbey. Leigh, and of Twemloe, in the county of At the house of R. P. joddrell, esq. in Ber: Chefter.

ner's-street, Edward Hajé, esg. of Salt, in the B. Jeffery, esq. of Throgmorton-Atreet, to county of Norfolk. Miss Molesworth, eldest daughter of the late At Ockham, in Surrey, aged 21, Miss M. R. Molesworth, esq.

Bennett. At Greenwich, Mr. Forbes, of Ely-place, At Ripley, in Surry, aged 57, W. Tabour. to Miss Maule, daughter of the Rev. J. dine, esg. captain in the royal navy. Maule, one of the chaplains of the hol. In Bow-ftreet, Covent-garden, Mrs. Wine pital.

terboibam. Mr. J. Nash, of Newgate-street, to Miss Mr. J. Layton, filversmith, son of Mr. T. Hoare, daughter of the late Richard Hoare, Layton, of Wardour-street, Soho. efq.

In Southampton-row, Bloomsbury-squảre, At St. Margaret's, Westminster, j. Un in his 71st year, T. Kynafion, esq. of Witham, win, esq. of the treasury, to Miss Sargent, Eflex. eldeit daughter of J. Sargeant, efq. M. P. of At his house, in Brompton-grove, in his Woolavington, Suflex,

89th year, 7. Savage, efq. T. Porteous, esq. of Jermyn-ftreet, to Miss N. Coverdale, ejq. of St. Ann's Place, E. Clapham, of Little Dean's Yard, Weft- Limehouse, minster.

At her lodgings, in Paddington, Lady At Mitton, near Gravesend, Captain Budo Folkftone.-Also, at Paddington, 7. Vochez, Wilcken, of the King's German Legion, to esq. contractor-general in the lat war for the Baroness Dorette De Bar.

maintaining French prisoners. The Hon. Lieut.-colonel De Grey, eldest At his house in Wood-street, Westminster, son of Lord Walfingham, to Miss Methuen, aged 78, T. Parker, esq. one of the engrossing eldest daughter of P. Cobb Methuen, efq. of clerks of the House of Commons, and who Corsham-house, Wilts.

had been a clerk on that establishment near W. Plomer Windus, esq. of Oxford-street, fifty years. to Miss Tubbs, of Pentonville.

At Wandsworth, in his 85th year, A. At St. Mary's, Newington, R. H. Jago, Rocker, efq. of West-hill. esg. to Miss Semira Soker, of Walworth. Mrs. Strode, of Gloucester-place, Portman

J. G. Fly, esq. late of Devonshire, to square, widow, late of Peamore, county of Miss E. Lane Denny, only daughter of Mrs.

Devon. Denny, of Notring-hill, in the county of Mrs. Riners, upwards of thirty years, wife Middlesex.

of F. Riners, esq. late major in the East Mr. Hillhouse, of Ruffel- ftreet, Bloomf. Middlesex militia, but late of Westhoverbury, to Miss Hempstead, of Ilidey, Berks. house, Gloucestershire. DIED.

Aged 45, Mr. N. Hacket, agent for Easte In her 21st year, Lady Harriet Fitzroy, India fhips. daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Grafton. At Epsom, the Rev. Jon. Boucher, vicar.

At his house in Privy-gardens, in his 51st Mrs. Fulling, widow of the late T. Fulling, year, Henry Marquis of Exeler, Lord Burleigh, esq. joint hereditary grand almoner to the King (Further particulars relative to the Rev. Wm. in fee, and recorder of Stamford. Brownlow, Gilpin. Our last number only notices the Earl of Exeter, the Marquis's eldest son by a peculiar merit of his Explanation of the former marriage, succeeds to the title and Church Catechism.-That there is merit in eftate.

rendering some parts of it tolerably intelligible In Dover-street, the Hon. Mrs. Priscilla to children is unquestionable, but this, Marsham, of Boxley-house, near Maidstone, though certainly a work highly becoming a eldeit daughter of the late Right Hon. Ro. clergyman, is so small a part of the “good bert Lord Romney; a lady of a ruly bene- deeds that he did while he was yet with us," volent character, of pure, regular, and exem that it may be proper to illustrate those parts plary morals, and the most gentle, elegant, of so valuable a character, which do not apand dignified, manners.

pear in his various publications. Having laid In her 26th year, Mrs. Wilmot, wife of Mr. down the principles of a new science, ascerJ. Wilmot, ftationer, in the Borough. taining the sublime and beautiful in nature's


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