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For work done at the two Houses of Parliament, and at the house of the Speaker For foreign and services -- . . . . . . . . . . --For expences, pursuant to the 6th and 7th Articles of the American Treaty ........ For the extraordinary expences incurred for prosecutions, &c. relating to the coin For the aliens

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service of the year 1801 . . .

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The British forts and settlements on the Coast of Africa For bounties on corn and grain imported into Great Britain -For the settlement of New South Wales - - - - - - (7.97 ol. not paid) |For convićts at home - - - - - (2,1051. not paid) |For the relief of the suffering clergy and laity of France, Toulonese and Corfican emigrants, St. Domingo sufferers, and American loyalists (zo, cool. not paid) To make good various sums, | which have been issued at the receipt of the exchequer out of his Majesty's civil list revenu-s ---- - - - - For interest on sundry exchequer bills To make good the money issued to the Secretary to the Commissioners for the Reduction of the National Debt, for salaries to the officers, and incidental expences --.... To the officers of the exchequer, for extra trouble in making out exchequer bills .. To the Bank of England for discount on prompt payments to the loan To ditto ---------------For references to American claims, &c. -----------For expences attending the lotteries ----. . . . . -------George Martin, Esq. as an American loyalist ---For the Royal Military College . . . . . . . . ---For the Royal Military Asylum at Chelsea, for the reception of the children of soldiers -For repairs at the Fleet Prison -(Nothing paid) For printing the 56th volume of the Journals For fitting up a don-street, for depositing the printed Journals and papers -(Nothing paid) To complete the purchase of cer. tain buildings, for the accommodation of the two Houses of Parliament -------...-For works done at the Auditor's Office, the Pipe Office, and Record Office, at Somerset Place

150,000 340,000


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