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WINDOWS, OR LIGHTS. NUMBER OF WINDOWS, Duties to be charged Duties to be chargea According to which the dwelling house shall be for windows in every for windows in every charged.

dwelling-house in dwelling-house in England.

Not more than 6 windows, (except in such houses

which shall be worth 5l. by the year, and
Mall be charged to the duty in schedule (B), £ s. d.

£ s.

d. according to the rent thereot,)

6 o Not more than 6 windows, if of the value before. mentioned, and charged to the said duty

6 7 windows

018 6

016 8

I 8 9

I 18

I 15

8 3 5

3 3 4

3 18 13

4 15

4 13 14

5 15


6 3 16


6 18 17

7 15

7 13 18

8 10

8 8 19

9 5

9 18


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2 10


IO IL 12

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22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36

16 13

14 10
35 5
16 O
16 15
17 10

19 O
19 15
20 10

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21. 5

19 13 20 8 21

3 21 18

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40 to 44
45 49

65 69
70 74
75 79
85 89
90 94
95 99
100. 109
110 - 119

129 130 139 140

149 150

159 160 169 170.

179 180 and upwards And for every such dwelling-house which shall

contain more than 180 windows, for every window exceeding 180

33 5 35 9 37 9 39 9 41 9 43 9 45 9 47 9 49 9 52 9 56 9 60 9


23 8
24. 3
25 13

30 13
33. 3
35 7
37 7
39 7
43 7
45 7
47 7
49 7
52 7
55 7
60 7
64 7
68 7
72 7
-6 7

7 82 18



64 9


68 72 76 80 83

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feet fix inches in height, shall be charged All skylights, and all windows, how. as two windows, except such as Mall have ever constructed, in stair-cases, garrets, been made of greater dimensions, prior to cellars, passages, and all other parts of the sth of April, 1785 ; except also the dwelling-houies, to what use foever ap- windows in shops, workshops, and wareplied, and whether, in the exterior or in houses, and except the windows in the terior parts, to be charged.

public room of any house licensed to fell Where any charge in the occupation liquors by retail, used for the entertainthall take place after the assessment, then ment of guests; and the windows in darjes, the duties on the occupier shall be levied farm-houles, excepted from the duties in upon and paid by the occupier, landlord, chedule (R) or in any dwelling-house not or owner, for the time being, or on both chargeable to the duties mentioned in the or all, accoruing to their times of poffef- said Schedule. fon, without any new assessment, nut Where any dwelling-house Mall be di. withstanding such change in the occupa- vided into different tenements, being dif. tion ; but where a tenant shall quit, on tinct properties, every such tenement shall the termination of the lease or demile, af. be lubjeet to the laine duties, as if the ter an assessment made, and shall have same were an entire house, to be paid by given notice thereof to the alleffor, the the occupiers ; but every such tenement duty shall be discharged by the commif- in England, Wales, or Berwick-uponfioners for the remainder of that year, if Tweed, which shall not contain more than it shall appear to the commissioners, at the seven windows, shall be charged at the rate end of such year, that such hovse shall of three shillings for every window, and in have continued wholly unoccupied for the Scotland two shillings and fixpence for remainder of such year.

every window. Where any house is let in different apartments, tenements, lodgings, or landings, The duties payable on all inhabited dwellingand shall be inhabited by two or more per houses. fons or families, the same shall be charged as if inhabited by one family only; and

For every such bouse, which, with the the landlord or owner shall be deemed the houfehold and other offices, yards, and occupier, and, shall be charged with the gardens, therewith occupied, thall be worth duties; but where the landlord shall not

tne rent following, there shall be charged reside within the limits of the collector, or

the yearly fums following, viz. the same fhall remain unpaid by such land

In the pound. lord for twenty days after due, the duties

sl.and under, by the year 1.0 i 4 charged may be levied on the occupier, and 201. and under 40l. rent, by the year such payment shall be allowed out of the 301. rent by the year, and upwards o 2 6 next, on account of rent.

Every house, whereof the keeping is left The duties payable annually for every male. to any servant, shall be subject to the like servant, employed in the capacities men. duties, as if inhabited by the owner or a

tioned herein. tenant, and if such fervant shall not pay Number of Servants,

Amount of rates to the church and poor, the said du

duty for each ties shall be paid by the owners or tenants.

Servant. When a parti:ion or divifion between For, í such servant

1.2 two or more windows, fixed in one frame, is of the breadth of twelve inches, the


3 window on each side shall be charged as a 4 diftin&t window. Every window extending so far as to

4 40 give light into more rooms, landings, or

4 itories than one, shall be charged as so many separate windows.


5 Every window, including the frame,

5 10 O partition, and divisions thereof, which by

and upwards

6 6 due admeasurement of the whole space on For every such servant employthe aparture of the wall of the building, on ed by any male persons, never the outside of such window, Mall exceed having been married over and above in height twelve feet, or in breadth four the before duties, the further sum of 1 100 feet ninė inches, not being less than three 1. The laid duries to be paid by the malter

3 R z

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2 10 0


оо 3 100 4



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4 12 0





or mistress, and to be payable for every any manufacture or trade, where the matter male servant in any of the following capa. thall be chargeable with duty for any carcities : maitre 'd'hotel, house-fteward, riage (other i han a taxed cart) or for two master of the horse, grooni of the chamber, hories

for riding or drawing carriages. valet de chambre, butler, under butler, 7. The said duties thall extend to every clerk of the kitchen, confectioner, cook, perfon employed as a groom, stable-boy, house porter, footman, running footman, or helper in the stables of the inatter,sto coachman, groom, poftillion, itable boy, take care of any horte the property of such or helper in the tables of the master or , master, kept for the purpose of racing or miftress, gardener, park.keeper, game- running, or in training for the said purkeeper, huntsinan, 'whipper-in, or by poses. whatever name or names male servants, Class 2. The duties payable annually for male really acting in any of the said capacities servants employed in the several capacities shall be called, or whether such male-fer herein-mentioned. vants shall have been retained or employed For every gardener, or person employed an one or more of the said capacities, to work in any garden, under any persor. or in any other business jointly, and to any chargeable to the duties mentioned in such servant let to hire with any carriage Class s, and for every gardener employed or horses, for one year or longer.

in any garden wherein the constant labour 2. The duties shall extend to all servants of one person Mall not be neceffary, 5s. before-mentioned, employed in taverns, To be paid by such person in whole garden coffee-houses, inns, ale houses, and in such person shall be employed. cating or victualling boules, and in hotels

EXEMPTIONS. or lodging houses, being eating and vietualling houses, although not licensed, ex

Any person employed by the day or cept oftlers and helpers in Itables, and week, to work as a day-labourer, at the drivers employed to drive carriages let out

usual rate of wages for day-labourers in to hire, in such manner that the stamp-of agriculture in any garden belonging to a fice duty shall have been paid, and except exempted as such froin the duties in clafs

dwelling-house, being a farm-house, and waiters. 3. The said duties on gardeners Niall ex

2, or in any garden belonging to a dweltend to every gardener who shall have con

ling-house not chargeable to the duties tracted for the keeping of any garden, and mentioned in the said schedule, such garto every person who ñall have been hired den not requiring the constant labour of to work in any garden wherein the constant

one labourer. Jabour of one person shall be necessary, or

The dunies payable annually for where one person shall have been constant every male-servant, employed in the capa. ly employed, to be paid by the person for

cities herein-mentioned. whose use, and in whose garden, such per For every male person employed by any son shall have been employed.

merchant or trader as a traveller or rider 4. The faid duties shall'extend to all ap- where one, and no more, shall be emprentices employed in any of the capacities ployed zl. 28. aforesaid, except such as fhall have been And where more than one such traveller imposed erpon any matter, under the pow or rider fall be fo- employed, for ers given to magiftrates, and parish officers each 31. 35. by acts of parliament, so as the number shall For

every male person employed by any not exceed two, not wearing livery, nor person in trade, or exercising any proferbeing employed as livery servants. lion whatever, as a clerk or book-keeper,

s. The said duties on game-keepers shall or office-keeper, except apprentices where extend to every person employed to kill or no premium, or a premium less than twenpreserve game for the uie of any otiier, ty pounds has been paid, the duties folwhether lawfully appointed or not, to be lowing, viz. paid by the person employing such persons; Where one such clerk, book keeper, or except game-keepers, being the lervants office-keeper, and no more Mall be 10 of other qualified persons, charged to employed, 11. is. the duties as servants.

And where more than one shall be so 6. The said duties shall extend to every employed, for each 21. 28. person who shall be employed as a coachman For every male person employed by any poltillion, groom, or helper in the stables, person in trade as a shopman, warehouse although such persons Thall have been re man, or porier (except apprentices as tained for the purposes of husbandry, or aforesaid) for the purpose of exposing to


Class 3

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fale or selling goods, whether by whole. shall gain a livelihood or profit, and at any fale or retail, il. 1$.

time employed in the capacity of a groom, For every male servant employed as a Itable-boy, or helper in the stables, where waiter (except occasional waiters, above the malter Ahall be chargeable for one horse, the ordinary number usually kept) in any and no more, to the duty on horses kept taverns, coffee houles, inns, ale-houses, or for riding, or drawing a taxed cart, or the other licensed houses,nr in eating or vi&ual. duy on such taxed cart, and not on any ling-houles, or in houels, or lodging-houles, other carriage, 5s. being eating or victualling-houses, 21. The said duties to be paid by the em.

For every male servant retained by any ployer. ftable-keeper to take care of any hörse of Class 4. The duties payable on servants let' any other person, ktpt for the purpose of

to hire. racing or running, or any horse in train For every coachman, groom, poftillion, ing for any of the said purposes, whereby or helper, kept for the purpose of being such Atable-keeper Thall gain a livelihood let to hire, for any period of time less than or profit, il. is.

one year (and in such manner that the For every male servant bona fide retained stamp office duty payable on horses let to for the purposes of husbandry, manufac- hire Dhall not be payable) by persons licenture, or trade, by which the master shall fed to let poft horses, or by any coachgain a livelihood or profit, and at any time maker or maker of such carriages, or employed in any domeftic employment in other person, zl. any of the capacities in schedule (C, The said duty to be paid by the perNo. 1) and not chargeable to the duties in fons letting the same to hire; but if the the said schedule, gs.

persons hiring the fame shall not make a reFor every male-fervant bona fide retain turn thereof, then the progressive duty paya ed for the purposes of husbandry, or any able in Class 1, shall be chargeable. manufacture or trade by which the matter


In May, 1904.

An Account presented to the HOUSE of Commons, foewing how the MONIES, giver

for the service of the YEAR 1803, have been disposed of, diftinguijbed under their several HEADS, so far as relates to GREAT BRITAIN.

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For wages of 50,000 men, in-

cluding 12,000 marines, for
thirteen month, at il. 175. per

man, per month For victuals for the said 50,000

men, at il. 18s. per ditto For the wear and tear of thips, at

31. fer man, per month For the ordinary of the navy,

including half-pay Towards the buildings, rebuild

ings, and repairs of ships of



For victuals for the said 10,000

For the wear and tear of the

ships in which the said 10,000

men are to serve

For wages of a further additi1,235,000

onal number of 43,000 men,

including 8,000 royal ma1,950,000

rines, for seven lunar months

For victuals for the said 40,000

For the wear and tear of the

fhips in which the said

400,000 men are to serve

For the further hire of tranf. 22,000


For prisoners of war in health

For fick prisoners of war
TOTAL S Sum granted

NAVY, But satisfied with




100,000 65,000 20,000

For the hire of transports
For defraying the charge of pri-

roners of war
For defraying the charge of fick

prisoners of war
For wages of an additional num-

ber of 19,000 men, including
2,400 royal marines, for eleven
lunar months, as above

9,951,378 8,174,711


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ORDNANCE For ordnance for sea service, for

the 50,000 men, at 58. per

man, per month För ordnance for sea service for

the 10,000 men For ordnance for sea service for

the 40,000 men For the office of ordnance for

land service For the further charge of the

office of ordnance







[blocks in formation]

35,7511 1,747,570

38,345) 143,891

For the in and out-penfiopers of

Chelsea and Kilmainbam Hof.

pitals For one regiment of light dra

goons, and one West India re

giment For additional General and Staff

officers For appointing effective Captains

to the troops and companies lately held by the Colonels, First Lieutenant-Colonels, and

First Majors For the embodied Militia For contingencies for the Militia For cloathing the militia For the increased rates of ub

fistence to be paid to innkeepers and others, on quartering

the Militia For the Supplementary Militia For the furt'ier charge of volun.

teer corps of cavalry and in.

fantry For the further charge of the

barrack department in Great

Britain For the further charge of the

barrack department in Ire.

land Towards the extraordinary ser

vices of the army in Great

Britain Towards the extraordinary ser

vices of ditto in Ireland

145,000 416,000





600,0 cc

For 66,574 effective men for

guards, garrisons, and other his
Majesty's land forces, in Great
Britain and Ireland

2,322,700 For his Majesty's forces in the plantations, &c.

1,129,976 For five troops of dragoons and

seventeen companies of foot,
ftationed in Great Britain, for
recruiting regiments serving in

28,63 For recruiting and contingencies

for his Majesty's land forces 173,341 For General and Staff Officers, and officers of the hospitals

58,463 For the allowances to the prin.

cipal officers of several public
departments, their deputies,
clerks, and contingent ex.

127,512 For the increased rates of sub

Gistence to be paid to innkeep-
ers and others, on quartering

200,645 Upon account of the reduced offi

358,152 For and allowances to

the reduced officers of British

American forces
On account of several officers

late in the service of the
States General

1,000 For pensions paid to widows of

officers of the land forces 26,883 For volunteer corps

99,169 For the barrack departments

573,440 For foreign corps

159,672 For medicines, bedding, and hospital contingencies

18,461 For the extraordinary expences

1,032,151 For full pay to fupernumerary officers


Total for the Land Forces .. 11,786,619 Whereof was granted for the service of Ireland


On account of Great Britain For discharging exchequer bills For ditto


9,079,7631 2,781,532


[blocks in formation]
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