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t? A: the List of New Publications, contained in the Monthly Magazine, is the ONLY COMPLETE LIST PUBLISHED, and consequently the only one

that can be useful to the Public for purposes of general reference ; it is requested

that Authors and Publishers will continue to communicate Notices of their Works,

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complete of itself, and easy of Incorporation
with any regular Method now in Use, effect-
ing a constant Exhibition of the Balance, in-
dependent of a 1.edger. By J. W. Fulton, of
the Board of Revenue, Bengal. 8vo. 6s.
D R a.m. a.
The Counterfeit ; a Farce.
Franklin. 2s.
A dramatic Synopsis ; containing, an Essay
on the political and moral Use of the Stage ;
involving Remarks on the Dramatic Writers
of the present Day, and Strictures on the
Performers of the two Theatres. 4s. sewed.
Maids; a new After-piece. 1s
The new Meio Drame, called Valentine
and Orion; as now performing at the The-
atre Royal, Covent Garden. Written by
T. Dibdin.
From Inn to Inn; an Operative Comedy ;
with Engravings. 3s.
The Sailor's Daughter; a Comedy. By
Richard Cumberland, Esq. now performing
at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. 2s 6d.

By Andrew

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