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Olservations on the State of the Weather, from the 24th of famwary to the 24th of February, 1804, inclusive, two Miles N. W. of St. Paul's. Barometer. The mometer.

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The quantity of rain fallen fince the last Report, is equal to 1.316 inches in depth,

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to each word, according to the Mandarinic .

Language and the Dialect of Canton. It contains, besides, all the various names of teas; and no less than 250 names of filks, gauzes, and other weavers' articles, which form the commerce of Canton. 2. The same first volume contains above 3oo names of drugs, and other articles of natural philosophy and pharmacy, alphabetically arranged according to the Latin translation, to which the French is also added. 3. It contains, besides, the method of counting days, hours, and years, according to the Chinese cycles, &c. and the method of writing Chinese arithmetical figures in three different ways. 4. The above Treaties occupy all the 240 pages, with the exception of fixty-two only, which are filled with Chinese characters, in eight vertical columns for each page ; each column containing, when full, as most of them are, thirty five characters : to each of them a figure is annexed, on the left, shewing the number of its component strokes; and on the right, its pronunciation. The first page of these fixty-two, with nearly two columns more of the next, contains a complete list of all the elementary characters, or keys. On the remainder of the second page, down to the end of the sixty first, we find a display of all the characters, arranged each in regular progression of its component strokes, and under its respective key, with pronunciation, &c. as described above. When a key has few characters, a little space is left, and another key follows in the same column. The pages being all in eight columns each, and with thirty-five characters in each full column, it is plain, that, with saying that this Index contains no less than fourteen thousand characters, we make the great allowance of 28oo characters for blanks, while these are quite trifling in the Index. The fixty-second page exhibits a catalogue, arranged as the others, of characters difficult to be traced to their keys. They are only ninety in all. The small number of these irregular charaćters, Mr. Editor, far from being a proof of imperfection, is the result of the admirable plan of this fingular Dićtionary. The author, in the arrangement of the chara&ers by their keys, has forsaken the Muoi philosophical distribution of the for

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