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made confiderable progress in his studies, but
disliking entering into the Artillery or Engi-
neers, he purchased an Ensigncy in the 69th
regiment in the year 1775, and was shortly
after removed into the 29th regiment, then
under orders for the relief of Quebec, at
that time invested by Generals Montgomery
and Arnold. With this meritorious corps,
he crossed the lakes in the campaign of
1776, and was on board the Carleton Schooner,
commanded by Lieutenant (now Admiral)
Dacres, during the actions on Lake Champ-
lain with General Arnold, on the 11th and
13th of October that year. In the first
mentioned Mr. Farquhars detachment suffered
very confiderably, having five men killed,
and several more wounded. The seamen
likewise lost some men. The following
campaign he served under General Burgoyne,
and greatly distinguished himself as an active,
enterprizing young officer. After the un-
fortunate convention of Saratoga, Mr. Farqu-
har, as belonging to a regiment in Canada
(the flank companies of the 29th being only
with General Burgoyne) was with many
other officers in the same situation, permitted
to return to Quebec, on parole. The Con-
gress having soon after refused to ratify the
convention, the British Commander in Chief
in Canada, ordered all the officers on their
parole in that country to do duty, with their
respective corps. On which Mr. Farquhar
joined the 29th. He shortly after got the
rank of Lieutenant, and on every occasion
where officers of talent and enterprize were
wanted, in the different inroads made into
the American States to annoy the enemy, he
was constantly employed. After the return
of General Sir Frederick Haldimand to Eu-
rope, and the appointment of Brigadier Ge-
neral Barry St. Leger, to act as Commander
in Chief, Lieutenant Farquhar, was selected
by that excellent and discerning officer to be
his confidential Secretary, an office which he
was well fitted for. With his successor
Brigadier General Henry Hope, he held the
same appointment. About a year before the
29th returned from Quebec, which took place
in the autumn of 1787, Lieutenant Farquhar
vifited England on his private affairs, and
joined the regiment at Worcester a few
weeks after it landed. Unwilling to quit a
regiment to which he was attached by the
strongest ties of personal regard, l'esprit de
corps, and in which he had served as a Su-
baltern above fifteen years, though fully
enabled to purchase into another regiment,
yet he preferred waiting till 1790, that a
company became vacant which he purchased.
In the beginning of 1793, the present Major
General Brownrigg then second in command
in the Army Depôt at Chatham, being or-
dered to the continent with His Royal High-
ness the Duke of York, Captain Farquhar.
was pitched upon as a very proper person to
act for him at that place. About two years
after he got the brevet rank of Major in
- that

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