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the fir (pinus abies LIN.), the latter thriving only at the height of zooo feet, which the former is found at an elevation of 3ooo feet above the level of the sea ; the birch likewise thrives at that height : but, at a greater height, Mr. Esmark met with no other vegetable productions, except the betula mana, some salices, and the juniper bush, which, however, do not thrive at a greater elevation than 32 oo feet above the level of the sea. Barley and oats will indeed grow at the eleva

, tion of from 1 soo to 1800 feet, but only in sheltered valleys. At an elevation of from 12 oo to 1300 feet, the night-frost does frequently great injury to the young crops.

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given, the latitudes of their middle points

are readily fourd ; and, with the lengths

of the degrees, when properly arranged, will stand as follows:

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Mr. Mudge is, however, perfectly convinced of the general accuracy of his whole undertaking ; and after carefully. re-examining his books, he thinks it highly probable, that an error in the whole distance of 197 miles, does not amount to more than 1 oo feet corresponding to 1" in the amplitude of the whole

arc, or even to half that quantity.
From the late operations of the French
Academicians it appears that the merido-
nal *istance between Dunkirk and Barce-
lona is 352792 feet; the distance between
Dunkirk and Paris is 1337.53 feet; and
the distance between Paris and Green-

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