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Including Notices of h/orks in Hand, Domestic and Foreign.

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The celebrated Pi Azzt is said to have discovered another new planet. The Chinese characters, cut in wood, which had lain above fixty years in the National Library at Paris, have been lately transferred to the Printing Office of the Republic, for the use of Dr. HAGAR. Before their removal, they were counted by a Commissary of the Library and a Commissary of the Printing Office; and the number of them was found to amount to 86,417. They are contained in 236 boxes; and M. D E LA RU 3, one of the above-mentioned commissaries, is classing them according to the 214 elementary signs, and arranging them in a cabinet appropriated to that purpose. In the mean time, Dr. Hagar has written a Catalogue and Description of the Rare Chinese Coins in the National Cabinet, . zoo, it is expected, will soon be printed. M. LANG LEs is employed upon an edition of the Arabic Original of the Travels of two Mahometans to China, of which RENAUD or published a French Translation at Paris in 1718, but the learned then doubted of the existence of the original. M. Langles intends to enrich his edition with numerous annotations. Don RAFAELLE, a learned Maronite, from Cairo, has been appointed assistant to M. DE SAC Y, as Professor of the Arabic Language in Paris. M. Tits INGH, formerly Dutch Ambassador to the courts of China and Japan, has presented to the National Library in Paris a part of the Japanese books, which he had collected during his refidence in that country. M. De LA Tour, a wealthy bookseller in Paris, who had for many years carried on an epistolary correspondence with the Missionaries in China, and received from them a great number of curiosities from that country, has lately printed a Description of his Cabinet, and various Articles of Intelligence relative to China. The remainder of his numerous MSS. have §. put into the hands of the Abbé Rosi ER, who is preparing, from them, for the press an improved and enlarged edition of the “Description Générale de la Chine,” which hitherto formed the thirteenth volume of the “Histoire Générale” of Father Moilla. The natural history of China, with which we have hitherto had but an imperfect acquaintance, will in particular be enriched by these materials. M, CHEve Nux,

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