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Extrad: from the Port-folio of a Man of Letters. . . o

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Arabian and Persian literature. We may expect from his taste and industry much curious and miscellaneous information, The following extracts are taken from a fingular paper, printed, but we believe not published, which bears for title “The Spirited Remonstrance of Rajah Soobah Sing to the Emperor Aurungzebe.” It is accompanied by the original Persian on the opposite Page. “. When we consider the writer of this Letter was a petty Prince addresfing a powerful Emperor, we cannot but admire the bold intrepidity and the contempt for a merciless tyrant it displays in every part. But its eloquence, the warmth of its colouring, and the propriety of its images, ard the charm of its genius, stamp it with a peculiar and unlooked for - value.

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You can't find me a more agreeable employment than to serve or oblige you, and I wish with all my heart that my inclination and abilities were of equal force. . I don't recolle&t what it was I recommended to Mr. ——'s nephew, it might be the Comte de Turpin's book, which was certainly worth looking into, as it contains a good deal of plain practice. Your brother no doubt is master of the Latin and French languages, and has some knowledge of the Mathematics. Without the last he can never become acquainted with one considerable branch of our business, the construćtion of fortifications, and the attack and defence of places; and I would advise him by all means to give up a year or two of his time now while he is young, if he has not already done it, to the study of the mathematics, because it will greatly facilitate his progress in military matters. As to the books that are fittest for his purpose, he may begin

* & Lord Macclesfield.

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foldiers of birth and education would # * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Mr. Booth Hodgett's (Dudley) for
Machinery for rolling Iron for Shanks,
and for forming the same into Shanks for
HE method used in rolling iron is
well known, the variation adopted
by the patentee is obtained by having
one roller perfectly cylindical, or in the
usual form of rollers, and the other, at
proper intervals, is so indented as to
form the thanks of nails at once, by
making them thick at one end, and run.
ning off to a point at the other. It is
evident that by a contrivance of this kind
the operation of nail-making must be
greatly expedited. That part of the
business, which relates to the making of
the heads is to be done in the usual way.
In the case of brads, where heads are not
wanting the whole operation is perform-
ed at once. The indentations on the
roller are of course made of different
lengths according to the size of the nails

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