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attachment which this liberal assistance
inspired, the events which caused the
extinguishment of this partiality, the dan-
gers which await all civilized nations
from the power of the present military
despotism in France, and the necessity of
combining to oppose it.
“An Inquiry into the Law Merchant
of the United States; or Lex Mercatoria
Americana,” in two volumes, by Mr.
Caines, is designed to exhibit a digest of
whatever is found in the United States
belonging to this subject. There is no
doubt that such a work, ably and care-
fully executed, would be extremely use-
ful; but the present seems to have been
undertaken and finished in too much
hurry, and to want that labour and re-
search necessary to render it materially
superior to preceding performances of a
similar kind.
“The Reports of Cases adjudged in
the Supreme Court of the State of New
York,” by the same author, afford a
commendable example of the attention
and diligence which ought to characterize
publications of this kind, which are far
too much neglected in the American
Tle Author of “ Judicial Opinions
telivered in the Mayor's Court of the
city of New York,” has rendered an
acceptable service to the public, and ex-
hibited a specimen of a work which cer-
tainly ought to be hereafter continued.
Such as are engaged in the practice of
the Law will find advantages from a
work entitled “American Precedents of
Declarations, colle&ted chiefly from ma-
nuscripts of accomplished Pleaders ; di-
gested and arranged under distinét titles
and divisions; and adapted to the most
modern praštice; with a prefixed digest
of Rules and Cases concerning Declara-
Judge Tuck ER, Professor of Law in
the University of William and Mary,
and one of the Judges of the General
Court in the State of Virginia, has lately
published in five volumes an American
edition of “Blackstone's Commentaries,
with notes and references to the Consti-
tution and Laws of the Federal Govern-
ment of the United States, and the Com-
monwealth of Virginia.” This work
contains short tracts upon such subjects
as appeared to require additional illust a-
tion in order to form a correct view of
the laws of Virginia, as a member of
the Federal Union. The notes to this
edition amount to upwards ct fifteen hun-

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