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For the Monthly Magazine.
Account of the Manuscrip's relating to
English History in the National Library of
sEco ND PART of the PRocer DiNGs
against JoAN of ARC, containing the
Par Ticulars relative to the PR o-
cess, to the TIME of the ARticles of
Accus Arlo N being presented, and after
the opinions of LEARNED MEN had
Been taken upon them. -
(Continued from p. 220, No. 1 13.)
I. forms a peculiar feature in these
Proceedings, that they are all prepared
and executed according to the rules and
forms of the Inquisition. Not only the
nature of the affair, the quality of the
judges, the mode of procedure, and the
process itself, put this natter beyond
doubt, but the unfortunate Joan was con-
dućted to execution with a mitre upon
her head, as is the pračtice in Madrid and
the East Indies.
The Inquisition having in all cases cau-
tiously concealed the particulars of their
Proceedings, it becomes ox reinely im-

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