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tenfive or important Flora. The completion of this desideratum would be confiderably aided by a collection of the native plants of Northumberland and Durham, now forming under the dire&tion of a Mr. Winch of Newcastle, for the Literary and Philosophical Society of that town. Should no such work be already in agitation, a plan has been digetted, if sufficient materia's could be obtained from feveral botanical gentlemen whose loca? fituation peculiarly enables them to afford them, for forming, under the title of a Flora Borealis, a complete history of the vegetable produćtions of the four Northern Counties of England. And it is not, perhaps, too much to premise, that, should sufficient encouragement be given to such a plan, whenever effectually undertaken, feveral very important acquisitions to the British Flora would be the result of an acdurate investigation of this distrićt. The counties of Westmoreland and Cumberland have already afforded many additions to cur National Flora; and that of Northumberland, which has been, perhaps, less explored than any other in the kingdom, is presumed to contain much interesting matter for the attention of the botanical enquirer. In a future letter I may enter more largely upon the objects of such an undertaking, and detail the means by which it would be most successfully effected. R. H. C.

january, 1804.

Errata.-In my last letter, vol. xvi. p. 532. line 22. for Bell's read Hull's British Flora. Page 533. line 6. for Wiggen read Wiggers, &c.

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