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S I R, ROM the prevailing opinion that the Alexandrian monument, now at the British Museum, was the actual tomb of the hero of Macedon, the valuable communication of CEdipus in your last Magazine, would, no doubt, be extremely acceptable to your Readers. The classical authorities there adduced, are, perhaps, nearly the whole; to those of a later period, I beg leave to make the following

addition. The earliest traveller who has noticed the monument in question is Benjamin of Tudela, a Jewish Rabbi, who travelled to the East in the middle of the twelfth century, and has left behind him a curious narrative of his peregrinations, the veracity of which having been impugned, has been ably defended by the learned Renaudot. This traveller, speaking of Alexandria, states, that on the sea-shore there lay a monument, on which the figures of birds and other animals were sculptured, with an inscription of ancient times that no one could read. The inhabitants of the place conjectured that some king, who reigned before the flood, was buried in it. The length of the sepulchre was fifteen spans, the breadth fix. It is not absolutely certain that Rabbi Benjamin is describing the monument in question, because we have still evidence to shew that there were others, and probably many, of the same kind; a circumstance that, in my humble opinion, shews the difficulty there must be in appropriating to any one of them the honour of containing Alexander’s body, even admitting that he was buried according to Egyptian rites, which is another fačt that requires verification. Leo Africanus, who wrote an account of Africa, many parts of which he had himself visited in the fifteenth century, mentions, that, among the ruins of Alexandria, the Turks have a chapel, in which, they say, the body of Alexander is preserved, as they read in the Korān; and that great numbers of pilgrims come to

visit it.

Our countryman Sandys, who visited Alexandria at the cominencement of the ies tot,

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with the desired information, whether.


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