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Vernon, "you may perceive how very dependant we are upon other nations for the luxuries of life: for instance, you could not have enjoyed this evening treat, had we not procured tea from China, coffee from Arabia, sugar from the West Indies, raisins from Spain or Portugal, and currants from the Grecian islands. We ought to be much obliged to those who brave the dangers of the seas, to bring us all these dainties."

“But," said Frank, "our own country has furnished us with part of our entertainment: here, are bread, butter, and cream.” “You are right," said his papa:

always stand up for your own country, which can afford us sufficient for all the necessaries of life.g. But our intercourse, with other parts of the world, furnishes employment to thousands, who go in

search of those articles of commerce, which, from custom, are almost become necessary to us.”

After tea, Mrs. Vernon showed the children the plates in several fine botanical works which she possessed; and Frank was so much pleased with the sight of them, and had so great a wish to know something of their history, that he asked his mamma if she thought him old enough to begin the study of botany. Mrs. Vernon replied, that as it was his own desire, she did not doubt but he was old enough to learn the rudiments of botany; and she promised to assist him as much as she could.

“ In another year, Frank,” said she, your papa intends to send you to school. In the mean time, we will endeavour to make some progress in our

new lessons. We shall not be long in want of fresh subjects: we have already the Chinese rose, and the laurestinus; and, in another month, you will see the crocus, snowdrop, and aconite, which will serve for examples, till fine weather brings us a greater variety. I shall procure Mrs. Wakefield's Introduction to Botany,' (which is a very good one,) and “Dr. Thornton's Grammar of Botany,' from which we shall derive much assistance; and I hope the contemplation of the beauties of nature, will always inspire you with a veneration for the Great Creator of such inimitable beauties, to which the works of art can never be compared.”


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