The Lesser Writings of Samuel Hahnemann

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William Radde, 1852 - 784 pages

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Its too bad that whomever scanned this book missed the inside edge of the book for about 150 pages (from pages 300 to 450). It's never easy to guess what the meaning of those 3-4 words missing could be!
This book is great. I am going to have to find a copy that has been scanned properly.

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I think that Hnemann's comments about small stones is helpful in realising also the place of adjunctive therapies

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Page 265 - Every powerful medicinal substance produces in the h uman body a kind of peculiar disease ; the more powerful the medicine, the more peculiar, marked, and violent the disease.^ We should imitate nature, which sometimes cures a chronic disease by superadding another, and employ in the (especially chronic) disease we wish to cure, that medicine which is able to produce another very similar artificial disease, and the former will be cured ; similia similibus...
Page 756 - On board ships in whose confined spaces, filled with mouldy, watery vapors, the cholera miasm, finds a favorable element for its multiplication, and grows into an enormously increased brood of those excessively minute invisible, living creatures, so. inimical to human life, of which the contagious matter of the cholera most probably consists...
Page 763 - Homoeopathists, and when they describe a cure we can repeat it, as they and we operate with the same tools. In one word, we would do well to go forward uninterruptedly in the beaten path. Then our enemies will not be able to reproach us with having nothing fixed no normal standard.
Page 366 - The furtherance of every means, be it ever so small, that can save human life, that can bring health and security (a God of love invented this blessed and most wondrous of arts !) should be a sacred object to the true physician ; chance, or the labour of a physician, has discovered this one.
Page 769 - December, 1815, having been already ill five days. 1. The first evening he became, without manifest cause, sick and giddy, with much eructation. 2. The following night (about 2 am) sour vomiting. 3. The subsequent nights severe eructation.
Page 769 - To 2. Stramonium and nux vomica cause vomiting of sour and sour-smelling mucus, but, as far as is known, not at night. Valerian and cocculus cause vomiting at night, but not of sour stuff.
Page 752 - ... of spirit of camphor, and from time to time some camphor may be allowed to evaporate on a hot iron, so that if the mouth should be closed by trismus, and he can swallow nothing, he may draw in enough of camphor vapour with his breath.
Page 380 - It is only by stirring, by brisk, long-continued stirring, that a liquid medicine obtains the largest number of points of contact for the living fibre, thereby alone does it become right powerful.
Page 513 - His own image, should, by the efforts of his penetrating mind, that has been breathed into him from above, find out the way to discover remedies in the stupendous kingdom of created things, which should be able to deliver his brethren of mankind from their sufferings worse than death itself?
Page 618 - Human life is in no respect regulated by purely physical laws, which only obtain among inorganic substances. The material substances of which the human organism is composed no longer follow, in this vital combination, the laws to which material substances in the inanimate condition are subject ; they are regulated by the laws peculiar to vitality alone, they are themselves animated just as the whole system is animated.

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